I’ve Installed Doom 3

They said:-“Doom 3 won’t run if You don’t have a Graphics card”. I told them :-“Is zat zo? Sez You.” I’ve just been playing Doom 3 and guess what…I don’t have a graphics card.Only an IGP which is really crap. So don’t you believe it when they tell you that You won’t be able to play Doom 3. Sure You’ll have to turn off all the eye candy but did you install it to play it or ogle at it?

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4 Responses to “I’ve Installed Doom 3”

  1. vysakhhttp://my.opera.com/vysakh Says:

    i’ve completed doom 3 almost 2 years ago on my still existin p4 2.0, intel 845 onboard grafix and 384 MB of RAM

  2. who else ?? Says:

    good !!! so u keep ur paws off my laptop, k ?? 😛

  3. MaXiMuS Says:

    I installed it on my school comp. with onboard graphics. It sorta killed the MOBO.

  4. Neelakantan Says:

    @Vysakh , I’ve 256 MB RAM

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