The Party

Some friends of me mom were annoyed that we hadn’t invited them to a party to show them our new house. So mom decided to invite them over today. First we had to spruce up the house, order chairs, arrange chairs,etc,etc… The big day finally dawned, with me wishing I was a thousand miles away 😉 . So the guests started arriving, I hooked up with a couple of friends and managed to while away the time. There was an emergency when one of the guests car had a breakdown near our house while coming and we had to go and tow the car to our house. later after lunch all the men, decided to go and see if we could repair the car(I’m obviously including myself among the men) We couldn’t. So called the mechanic. He said he’s coming in half an hour. I don’t know which clock he follows but he turned up after 2hrs and a lot of phone calls. After coming he tinkered around with the engine, declared that the fan belt was cut and it needed to be taken to the garage. After that i sorted the rubbish in the house(plates and cups) and dumped them some place away. We got some nice presents including a carpet, a set of 3 casseroles, a mobile holder, a set of 6 glasses and various other presents. What a day!!!

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  1. who else ?? Says:

    oh my good god !!! a carpet ???!!!! who had TAT brainwave ??? and also u had any friends among the ppl who came ?? i thought it was more or less the same grp fr the diwali jamboree n u were mooching along alone then 😛

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