Orkut Spat

My First spat on Orkut. it all started out with me visiting my friend’s community “The Radicals”


So I scrapped a few criticisms about the Aims. The first time he was nice and cool. When I made a more detailed criticism, he got annoyed and banned me. No problem actually cause i’ve got another ID and if he bans that too, then another and ad infinitum. But lets see what he says.


3 Responses to “Orkut Spat”

  1. who else ?? Says:

    but if u dun identify with the aims of the community..why join it in the first place ????

  2. Mr.Coolhttp://www.technobeta.com Says:

    What is that dumb Party all about ? (no offence)

  3. Neelakantan Says:

    well, cool check it out. just go to the community. the link’s there

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