Existential Angst

Why am I Alive? What use of my being alive? Why am I not famous or rich? Why are some people rich and famous while some are doomed to mediocrity? Is there something special in these people? These are some questions that reverbrate in my head. Sometimes I feel I’m just wasting my time. Sometime’s I feel that I’m not doing anything worthwhile. Then again I feel like doing something that will make the world remember me. Ah Woe Is Me


2 Responses to “Existential Angst”

  1. who else ?? Says:

    eh..since when have u been prone to such depressing thoughts ??? u might also be rich and famous in your own time.. but u noe, being rich n famous won’t be all fun either..as to why u r alive– wat wud i do widout u, jackass ??!!!!! wat da hell do u mean by asking such a stupid idiotic qn ????

  2. DJhttp://www.acchablog.com Says:

    Welcome to my world…

    I’ve been through this for a real long time now.

    Sometimes I feel I’m just a character of a real – life reality show. You know, like that Jim Carrey Movie…

    But then again, who cares what I think.

    its just me and my stupid life..

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