Well, This Sucks….

Question: Which is worse, a running nose or a blocked one?
Answer: A running one.

Decided to take a break from school for a couple of days. Reason:-Cold and Sore Throat. So didn’t go to school. Got the home-500 plan, decided to see when night unlimited starts. Night Unlimited my foot. 0200-0800 is night? They should call it morning unlimited. Still have to complete a computer project, an EVS project and submit a Chem project. Yup, I’m a master procrastinator. :-)) Plus this house is nice and cool in summer. But its damn chilly already. brr….


2 Responses to “Well, This Sucks….”

  1. who else ?? Says:

    get well soon 😛
    and reply to comments for heavens sake !!!!! :X

  2. Neelakantanhttp://www.life-of-neelakantan.blogspot.com Says:

    what reply do I Give here?
    Thanks ?

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