Voices In My Head

What am I? Just a bunch of atoms, with certain electrical signals inside some specific atoms. Sometimes I wonder what made man develop the capacity for abstract thought. Why did he not stick to searching for his next meal? Why did he develop greed,avarice and pride? Why are some people’s neurons more efficient than others? Why am I writing so much crap? My neurons need to be cleaned…Round II of My existential Angst.


2 Responses to “Voices In My Head”

  1. who else ?? Says:

    maybe u r evolving into a human..hence the developing capacity fr abstract thought..leading to existential angst…and hence the crappy posts !!
    just kidding tho..let it all out.. bottling up is baaaaaaaaaaaaaad

  2. neelakantankkwww.life-of-neelakantan.blogspot.com Says:

    Heh heh Heh X-((

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