Dhoom Machaale

Saw Dhoom 2 on Friday. Not bad. Expected a bit more. There’s no story to speak of, the music sucks, and they’ve ruined the ending. Uday Chopra is just the comic relief, Bipasha is eye-candy. Hrithik looks cool and the stunts are great. The effects are rather impressive. The scenery is also good. Aishwarya …. is all right but not really a meaty role. and NO bikes till the last 10-15 mins X-( Hrithik’s disguies are also quite good. And Hrithik’s entrance and Abhishek’s entrance rocks. The movie’s watchable but I wouldn’t recommend it to anybody looking for a story.

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7 Responses to “Dhoom Machaale”

  1. who else ?? Says:

    well..the only unexpected thing abt ur review is tat thr were so few bikes..anyone who goes fr dhoom 2 looking fr a story is obviously an idiot..even Dhoom had no story to speak of..they are just adrenaline movies !!!

  2. neelakantanwww.life-of-neelakantan.blogspot.com Says:

    And the bikes were also nothing to write home about. grrr….They looked worse than a bail gaadi.

  3. who else ?? Says:

    so i should just save my money n nt watch it ???

  4. neelakantankkwww.life-of-neelakantan.blogspot.com Says:

    u can watch, coz the stunts are good. and the look and feel is impressive…in the multiplex

  5. Mr.Coolhttp://www.technobeta.com Says:

    There’s no story to speak of, the music sucks, and they’ve ruined the ending.

    And you still say its watchable ? 😐

  6. neelakantankkwww.life-of-neelakantan.blogspot.com Says:

    well,cool…u can watch it for the look of the movie. It looks and sounds pretty cool.

  7. Vysakh Says:

    the movie is watchable upto the intermission.

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