Exams Coming…Aaaahhhh!!!!!

Well Exams coming in 12 days. I have suddenly realized that I have a humongous amount to revise. The tottering pile makes my knees go weak. Have to revise Physics,chem and maths. CRAP.

On a lighter note, my half-yearly supply of various items has arrived. Translation:”Sister has arrived from Singapore”. I usually manage to get her to buy a couple of useful things from there. like a 25pack of DVD-Rs, some books(Peter Norton’s guide to Linux, P.G.Wodehouse, Asimov…). So i am sorely tempted to read those but sigh…..

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One Response to “Exams Coming…Aaaahhhh!!!!!”

  1. who else ?? Says:

    u resisted the temptation to read those did ya ?? 😛
    ab sirf 6 days baby…padh le

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