My Lungs come in handy.

No I aint donating organs. Here’s the story.

4 days ago, some guys raided the DPL fuseboxes outside our house( thos 440V ones). anyway DPL guys told us to be on the lookout for power cuts when the street lights are still on. So today the power goes but street lights are still on. Guess what? Two guys had switched off the power connection at the fuse box which was unlocked(except for a crappy interlock) So Our house being at the corner I shouted and those guys ran off before we could chase them. There was a big gathering. Everyone abuses the night guards and their agency owner. The upshot is, we have to get new night guards.

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5 Responses to “My Lungs come in handy.”

  1. paro Says:

    hmm..ya heard… but wat abt the snake today ???? having an eventful week huh ??/ take care, stay safe n good luck for comp sc n P ed

  2. Says:

    okey dokey.

  3. DJ Says:


    My society has changed about 20 guard agencies. They do it every 2 months.. LOL

    Anyways, what happened next ?

    And what snake ?

  4. Neelakantan Says:

    Oh got a temp guard.

    And i saw a snake and nearly got attacked 🙂

  5. Preshit Says:

    Ohh !!

    Am scared of snakes ever since I saw Anaconda when I was a kid.

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