Check out some of my Terragen pics

Here they are in my Album.

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11 Responses to “Check out some of my Terragen pics”

  1. Kaustav Says:

    wats so great??? thats just a plain tinkering here and there… and lo… you got an amazing landscape….

    Abe check my album… you’ll see original creations… created by me from scratch…. No bogus Wizards for me mate….

  2. Neelakantan Says:

    dude, if u think that’s plain tinkering, try it why don’t you?

    And it ain’t no big deal using 3ds MAX. Try Blender or POV-Ray.

    Oh and please…Think and use ur brains before replying.


  3. Anonymous Says:

    I do use blender.. And yafray.. Besides, da brain i posses seems to always work at da right places.. If usng max or blender aint no big deal… Model somnthing nd show me.. As for terragen.. Wel.. Have a look at my album sometime late at night… Dude.. Speakng thrash doesn’t suite you.. You aint supreme.. Nd u aint dat genius aftr al..

  4. Kaustav Says:

    Well… You don’t haveta wait for midnight, do it now or whenever you’re gonna see this comment…
    Dude I know it hurts when someone criticises your ‘great’ work.. But Am just walking along your own lines… You sure don’t know how to appreciate either…

    Note:: the images in my album(apart from the pathetically n00bish terragen pics that you too have generated) are done with my own n00bish expertise.. dude …

    From what I get by using terragen/terragen 2, Its just plain tinkering-with-the-sliders-till-you’re-satisfied thingy…

    Max ain’t all that easy brother.. and for your info.. I haven’t used max for a year.. am blending btw…. Hope to see ur ‘great’ blender and POVray creations in the future…. Show it wil you.. Its a challenge bro.. Like I accepted your challenge to use terragen…HAH…Used it today and then uninstalled it after creating the pics.. its too boring…
    EIDOS amigos.

  5. Neelakantan Says:

    Tsk,Tsk Tsk. That is so obviously a tut. Oh and btw, if i could not stand criticism I would have deleted ur comments.

    And regarding Blender and POV-Ray. I accept.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Wat exactly do u mean by ‘thats so obviously a tut’ ?

  7. Neelakantan Says:

    dude, why the anonymous comments?

  8. Kaustav Says:

    Thats because I posted those anonymous comments from my cell phone.. I don’t remenber my blogger id so couldn’t log in on my cell as kaustav. The other comments where made from mycomputer.. Opera stores my pass.. hence could log in and post as kaustav.

    I don’t need anonymity like other blokes.

  9. parvathy Says:

    oh man !!! u ppl are actually arguing over who is generating better pix in class XII ???
    ah well, upto u guyz i guess.. here’s wishing u both all the best fr the examz

  10. M Vishnu Unnikrishnan Says:

    MIST and HIGH NOON were good…

    the others, well, those hills look a little ‘sharp’.

  11. neelakantankk Says:

    Yeah The alien terrain was one of my earlier works 🙂

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