CHIP Wars.

chip-india appointed mods just a month or so ago and already they’ve stepped on people’s toes.

It all started with “‘maheshwar2006” ‘s post “Tribute to aXXo”. For those who don’t know who aXXo is, he’s a guy who rips DVDs and uploads them to torrents. This was apparantly considered piracy and the thread was locked. Pretty Wierd No?

So Mahe posts another thread “Tribute to aXXo 2” and “High handedness of Mods”. Surprise Surprise…”Tribute to aXXo 2″ Deleted.

Now everybody is mighty miffed and there are flames all over the place with “jithukrishna” demanding that the mod reply why he deleted or locked these topics and not some others.

The other mods start topics to cool people down. Some being “Settle Down People” by “Mr.Cool” and “Feedback for mods” by “anandk”.

When after some time, yours truly goes to reply he gets a screen saying “sorry can only blah blah blah …”. Now He posts a thread “ZOMG !!! somebody is on a delting roll” and Mahe posts “My answer”.

Well whatdya know, Deleted in minutes. Now We’ve got all night and a nice BB conn. so we just go on reposting.

Today some sense of normality has returned to the place. But there’s still a lot of flames left.

Watch this space.


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15 Responses to “CHIP Wars.”

  1. neelakantankk Says:

    LOL. Well this blog is about the regular occurences in my weird life.

    So blogged abt it. πŸ™‚

    P.S. been trying to fix that damn code all week. was thinking abt posting it on CHIP.

    Update:: Damn wordpress hosted sites don’t support google analytics 😦

  2. Santosh Says:

    My God! Didn’t know you’d go to the extent of blogging it as well!

    And ROFL! What a title to go with it! M8, I suggest you post it to ! lolz

    PS- fix the Google Analytics code will ya ?

  3. parvathy Says:

    hey this thing doesn’t show the entire post at once , huh ?? u need to click on tt continue reading thing… tot the post ended abruptly and only saw the rest of it on the comments page :s

  4. neelakantankk Says:

    There’s a button called “Continue Reading” .

    I adopted this style coz I feel it looks cool. 😎

  5. Mike Messiah Says:

    Ya, how do u do that “Continue Reading” thingie…

  6. neelakantankk Says:

    It came with the theme. I also enabled “Post summary” and gave an optional “Post excerpt”

  7. Santosh Says:

    @ Mike, the ahem, MORE tag!

    Intro post here…

    Rest of the post here…

  8. Santosh Says:

    damn, seems the comments just commented out part of my comment! lolz…

    Mike – use this tag

    Without the spaces that is.. πŸ˜‰

  9. Santosh Says:

    WTF !! Forget it, I ain’t gonna write the tag again for the third time !!

  10. vatsuak Says:

    Arrogant beings these mods..
    Some often do stuffs like this to prove that they are actually working….
    This happens more so with newly apppointed mods… However , riping DVDs and making them available on torrents is illegal… so mods might well delete it without much ado…

    Chip wars..cheers..

  11. neelakantankk Says:

    ripping DVDs and making them available on torrents is illegal

    The post that started it “Tribute to aXXo” did not contain any links to torrents. It’s just that the mod thought that people would come to know which pirtae to choose and thus piracy would increase.

  12. vatsuak Says:

    yeah…cracking,piracy,flame-wars…these are the topics mods try to keep out of any ethical&respected tech-forum…

  13. neelakantankk Says:

    these are the topics mods try to keep out of any ethical&respected tech-forum

    Its when they go overboard that the problem starts.

  14. Santosh Says:

    Actually, i respect what SHARPTOOTH did, I pity that he decided to leave.

    Anyways, I hardly have time to think of all these politics.

  15. neelakantankk Says:

    The locking was all right. He had every right to lock. and he did provide reasons.

    What was irksome was the flood of deletions that followed. 😦

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