“Weird Al” Rocks

I just love Weird Al Yankovic. His parodies are superb. I went on a weird al spree tonight. I strongly recommend DLoading some songs of Weird Al.

Some examples

    • Another one rides the bus
      What if God smoked Cannabis
      Its all about the Pentiums
      The Saga Begins
      The night Santa went Crazy
      Like a surgeon
  • Enjoy

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    5 Responses to ““Weird Al” Rocks”

    1. kaustav Says:

      What about ‘Weird and Nerdy” ?? I Loved the video… Its aimed at geeks 😀

    2. kaustav Says:

      Oppps, Its white an nerdy…… Silly me…..

    3. parvathy Says:

      gimme some site whr i can find da songs… oh and not torrents plz

    4. Animesh Says:

      heard his parody of ‘My Heart Will Go On’ ? hear it. its g8. entitled ‘My Fart Will Go On’.

    5. neelakantankk Says:

      Hmm. Okies. Thanks for the info. 🙂

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