ROFL!!! Anyone want €2,500,000.00?

Some woman called Mary Alan sent me a beautiful and touching e-mail stating how she had been instructed by God, to will me €2,500,00.00 so that I can go and do good works. 🙄

Here’s her mail


My name is Ms. Mary Alan I am a dying woman who have decided to donate what I have to you/ church. I am 62 years old and I was diagnosed for cancer for about 3 years ago, immediately after the death of my husband, who has left
me everything he worked for.

I have been touched by God to donate from what I have inherited from my
late husband to you for the good work of God, rather than allow my relatives
to use my husband hard earned funds ungodly. Please pray that the good Lord
forgive me my sins. I have asked God to forgive me and I believe he has
because He is a merciful God. I will be going in for an operation in less
than one hour.

I decided to WILL/donate the sum of €2,500,000 (Two million Five hundred
thousand Euros) to you for the good work of the lord, and also to help the
motherless and less privilege and also for the assistance of the widows.

At the moment I cannot take any telephone calls right now due to the fact
that my relatives are around me and my health status. I have adjusted my
WILL and my lawyer is aware I have changed my will and he will arrange the
transfer of the funds from my account to you. But this fund is in a boded
state with an irrevocable comprehensive insurance cover, as a security
measure against my husband relatives. I wish you all the best and may the
good Lord bless you abundantly, and please use the funds well and always
extend the good work to others.

Contact my lawyer with this specified email address: and tell him that I have WILLED (€2,500,000.00) to
you by quoting my personal reference number Danny Alvarez and associates
DA/MA/WILL/092514131209 and I have also notified him that I am WILLING that amount to you for a specific and good work. I know I don’t know you but I
have been directed to do this. Thanks and God bless.

NB: I will appreciate your utmost confidentiality in this matter until the
task is accomplished as I don’t want anything that will jeopardize my last
wish. And Also I will be contacting with you by email as I don’t want my
relation or anybody to know because they are always around me.


Mary Alan

Wow, I got a reference from God. That should certainly get me a good job. 😆 Thanks God.

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11 Responses to “ROFL!!! Anyone want €2,500,000.00?”

  1. Presh Says:

    Ohh wow !!

    Till now, I only received emails from people to whom Bill Gates, king of nigeria, the CEO of a BIG firm in the UK, the owner of a gold mine in South Africa instructed to send me money. Then there was one where the butler of an old merchant on his deathbed wrote to me that he had left me a fortune..

    But you, my friend, are really lucky. God is surely watching over you 🙂

  2. Animesh Says:

    Those guys just want your account number.

    Wells thats another matter that they don’t know yet that you don’t even have an account!

  3. neelakantankk Says:

    Hmm, Does good works include “Spending the money on me, mine, myself 😈 “

  4. parvathy Says:

    if u do get the money..good deed number one– give ur dear sister ( ahem ahem urs truly ) half of it 😀

  5. neelakantankk Says:

    Hmm. 😕 Not half, maybe a quarter. That’s enough goodness.

  6. sumeet Says:


    If you want I can forward more such mails…then U will be a millionaire.

    How can the spammers think that someone will catch someone by doing this ..

  7. neelakantankk Says:

    Are there really mugs in the world who fall for this trick? 😐 I mean come on, What a crappy attempt.

  8. Santosh Says:


    Mind sharing the booty with me ? 😀

  9. neelakantankk Says:

    ^^ Do I know you stranger? 😛

  10. Sameer Says:

    Mary Says:”Contact my lawyer with this specified email address:

    This lawyer guy should know that gmail is better than aol.

    She also says:”I have asked God to forgive me and I believe he has
    because He is a merciful God.”

    So god is a male. Yippee…God does have a Y Chromosome.

  11. neelakantankk Says:

    Heh heh heh. Yeah. We guys must stick together. 😛

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