Rock Rules….

Posting on a Monday. Bunked classes today. Tmr being a holiday, will go back tmr. Been spending the weekend Dloading and listening to music….

Artists Dloaded include Metallica, Radiohead, Whitesnake, Korn.


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4 Responses to “Rock Rules….”

  1. Maitreya Dutta Says:

    well…did ya recieve ur new cell no. ???

    well please check out my blog…

    i have made 3 posts there…

    please make ur comments there…

    i want a comment on each of the three posts 🙂

  2. Kaustav Says:

    KORN is not rock. Get your facts right. But, but but. I love KORN. Personal favourite being Twisted Transistor, and Freak on a leash feat Amy Lee. Basically their unplugged album.

    Found you out 😛

  3. neelakantankk Says:

    Who the bloody fuck told you Korn is not rock. Get your facts straight first.

  4. Srin Says:

    Duuude, like, yo duude, like CHILLO duuude. Haha.

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