My Life…

is non-existent.

My writing…is at an all time low.

My blog-posts…are getting smaller.

My wish-list…is getting bigger.

My needs…are just too many.

My reading habit…seems to have vanished.

My musical tastes…seem to have taken over me.

My sense of humour…is on sabbatical.

My friends…are either in another city or busy with their exams.

My money…is low.

My insanity…seems to be seeping out of me.

Well, at least my narcissism is still intact. I don’t know where I’d be without it.

Oh, and My randomness still remains so Rock On. \m/

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4 Responses to “My Life…”

  1. Rukmini Says:

    You could just take a bus and come over sometime, y’know?!

  2. parvathy Says:

    ur NEEDS ??? excuuuuuuuse me !!!!

  3. Joel Says:

    Hey budddy..u’ve been tagged.. chk here…

  4. Neelakantan K.K. Says:

    Heh heh, I shall do this.

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