Door Talk.

My room’s door had the following things stuck on it.

  • A poster of the Backstreet Boys.(It was free)
  • Some motorbike cut-outs from some magazine
  • Some car cut-outs from some magazine
  • A copy of a cartoon I saw in India Today’s 20th anniversary issue
  • An Ubuntu sticker

Now changes have been made.

  • Backstreet Boys out, Charlie Chaplin in
  • I’ve also stuck some of my old school ID cards on the door

I have no idea why I stuck those ID cards. But they look a bit cool, I must say.

Oh well, I’ve also gone and stuck a poster of Satch on my room’s wall.

Next to come up on the wall will be Iron Maiden.


6 Responses to “Door Talk.”

  1. Rukmini Says:

    BSB’ke out kore dili? 😀

  2. Neelakantan K.K. Says:

    Yes, I’m afraid that it was only if I removed them that I could stick some more stuff.

  3. Prayag Says:

    Who’s ‘Satch’?

  4. parvathy Says:

    mom let u stick a poster on the wall ??? how the hell did u brainwash her to let u do THAT ??????????

    and wth school ids ? u wanted to track ur face and misspelt names thruout skool ??

  5. Neelakantan K.K. Says:

    I used my Godly powers.

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