I’m in love…

with my new Ibanez GRG150. Bitch

She’s so beautiful. *sigh*

I can’t play the guitar…yet.

I now know three chords. But I can’t switch between them…yet.

Things will happen…soon

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8 Responses to “I’m in love…”

  1. Rukmini Says:

    You’ve already bought the guitar??!! When did this happen? :O

  2. Thesoliloquist Says:

    God bless the internet!

  3. Prayag Says:

    What the fuck?! You can’t play guitar but you have an Ibanez?! HOW?

  4. Neelakantan K.K. Says:

    @Rukmini, When God commanded me to. 😛
    @Sohini, Yes. 🙂
    @Prayag, I have me ways. 😎

  5. parvathy Says:

    “u have ur ways ” ?????????

  6. Sumeet Says:

    Even I am using this same guitar paired with Marshall MG10CD.
    Love it!! You using any processor ?? I don’t have one but planing to buy one soon

  7. Neelakantan K.K. Says:

    Not yet. I’ll buy one later. I don’t really need one right now.

    Oh and I have a Marshall MG15CD 😀

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