And Metal rules again…

along with everything else.

I must find a new way of writing these posts. I mean almost all my posts have run-on titles. It’s getting boring I say.

So I can finally change chords in time with the fucking metronome. Not very fluidly. Indeed, sometimes I miss beats. But then, It’s only been a few months.

Arising from the above, my neighbors entire street probably hates me a lot. Because I usually have fun by hitting the overdrive at max gain and then play around with power chords. Yeah, it’s a bit loud. Although it sounds sweet. I guess they’ll be happy when I’m gone.

The frogs are coming back. There’s one which sleeps in this unused bolt-hole(I forget the name for it, I assume you’ll understand). Looks damn funny when it peeks out in the evenings. Also calotes are back in the garden. Which has been cleaned by hired help. Looks very neat now. The jamun and mango trees are growing. The tamarind is growing. Of course, it’s a small plot so I’m wondering where they’re going to grow. And the bougainvillea is like friggin’ huge.

Diwali will be here soon. I don’t think I shall let off much fireworks this time. Why bother?

Now if you’ll excuse me, I shall go and pour boiling oil on those neighbors ignorant peasants who are trying to break into my castle. The swamp monster has gone off on his annual holiday and replacements are hard to come by. I’ll hope he comes back soon.

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5 Responses to “And Metal rules again…”

  1. Prayag Says:

    I know what you mean! Speaking of which, lets jam! I’m free. Just gimme a call.

  2. Pramita Says:

    Heh. My entire street hates me for years of screechy sounds from a violin.

  3. Mr. Banerjee Says:

    My entire street hates me for blaring out 90s alt.rock in max volume in my pc speakers. 🙂

  4. parvathy Says:

    boy !!! ur post makes me feel like the aforementioned swamp monster..but naaa.. i am too angelic *grin* …. and how come mom n dad r nt complaining ? driven them deaf have ya ???

    psst…do not tell anyone who sponsored the guitar..i still like coming home 😛

  5. Neelakantan K.K. Says:

    @Prayag, Ha ha. Maybe.

    @Pramita, A violin cannot compare to an Ibanez screaming at max volume, max gain. No Contest.

    @Mr. Banerjee, Ha ha, Yeah my neighbors hate me for that too. hmm… Soon I shall have to hire bodyguards to walk around my street, it seems.

    @Parvathy, Maybe I shall, Maybe I shall.

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