Additions to my room.

My room has undergone some changes. There is now a Shakespeare International Conference poster stuck to a wall.

The conference’s official name was Staged Encounters : History, Society, Identity and Shakespeare. I have a poster of it because I volunteered to help with the Conference and then whacked a poster. It looks quite nice. The Conference was also a lot of fun. Sukantada‘s paper was brilliant. Supriyadi‘s paper was also brilliant. There were other very nice papers. Swapanda‘s paper was also brilliant I’m told. I missed it however. 😦

The University Guest House makes awful Chinese (or is it chinis) food. They should be shot for preparing such atrocious Chinese food.

Milonda‘s Seminar Brew a.k.a. Chaffee was better than usual. Chaffee is this strange concoction that Milonda provides. It does not matter whether you asked him to provide tea or coffee. He will provide chaffee. It is a strange mix of Milonda‘s cha ( Itself a hideous, foul excrement) , very bad Coffee and bits of whatever Milonda was serving before he started making your supply of Seminar Brew. We got cha, coffee and chicken kebab.

The University Guest House provides Coffee or Tea. Their coffee(or tea) is however sometimes contaminated with soup. We once got Tomato soup flavoured coffee and Onion flavoured tea. Their Coffee( and Tea) is worse than Milonda‘s.

The only place that serves good tea on Campus is the Hostel Canteen( a.k.a. Sujitda‘s). The canteen is damn cheap, and fairly good. It’s not great but it’s not bad.

You cannot get good coffee on campus.

Moving on…

An electricity meter now graces my wall. Yes, you read right, An electricity meter. You know, those things that are kept by the electricity company inside your house so that they know how much to charge you.

I did not have to break open the meter box or commit some illegal act to obtain this meter. DPL replaced all the analog meters in everybody’s house with brand new digital meters. I presume their logic is that Digital meters are more difficult to tamper with. Anyway, the old meter was left lying around, so I whacked it and hung it from a nail. It looks damn cool, I must say.

My room is looking strangely nice. 🙂


7 Responses to “Additions to my room.”

  1. parvathy Says:

    “strangely” nice !! most appropriate

  2. Neelakantan K.K. Says:

    Ha ha. It is looking very modern-art.

  3. the soliloquist Says:

    I like.Put up pic of electricity-meter-on-wall.

    P.S.Milonda’s jolchara coffee is tolerable good, come on!

  4. parvathy Says:

    wait…jolchara coffee ? why does coffee have water in it in the first place ? always thought the ingredients were coffee powder, milk and sugar (pretty sure u guys are not getting filter coffee :P)

  5. Neelakantan K.K. Says:

    yes. But it’s the machine coffee thingie. They use Coffee powder, milk powder, sugar and hot water.

  6. Sand.Man Says:

    Hello strange man! I see you’re dissing the Real Man’s Drink. Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! LE Ba.Ba. frowns upon you. Also, the Shakespeare Seminar poster is really nice but I wish it wasn’t so pixelated.

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