The perfect way to beat the heat.

If someone finds out, could they let me know please?

Now that I have managed to draw your attention let me confess that I have nothing to say. It is insanely hot and dry in Durgapur. VH1 has nothing on it. I have been listening to music. I have been drinking enough water to float a ship.

My end-sem exams will be held shortly.

The problem with Durgapur is that it’s very dusty. You get dust on everything.

The heat is making me feel dazed.

I have decided that I shall write down all my dreams, sell them to movie producers, get them made into Sci-Fi movies and live off the proceedings for the rest of my life.

I refuse to show you the attention I drew.

It’s Hot.




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7 Responses to “The perfect way to beat the heat.”

  1. Shreya Says:

    ugh. worst summer I can remember in years.

    do you remember your dreams usually?

  2. Priyanka Says:

    i’m in denial. i draw the curtains, sit on the floor with my headphones on, choose the Juno soundtrack and chant “I’mavampire I’mavampire I’mavampire” till i start believing it.

    *bares fangs*

  3. Priyanka Says:

    also, why is my dp/avatar on wordpress a purple fuzzball with a cape and mask?

  4. the soliloquist Says:

    And I have to finish a term paper in this heat.

    I shall go die now.
    Or melt.

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