Perhaps that coffee was a bit strong.

It’s five in the morning and I am unable to sleep. It’s possible that the evening coffee I had was a bt strong. It is also possible that I woke up at eleven today.

I think I’ll go out for a walk soon. Perhaps that will help. The crows have started crowing. Surprisingly the street lights are still on. They’re supposed to switch off at five. I guess they’re confused by the light streaming from my window.

It’s not like I haven’t stayed up this late before. There have been many such occasions. Once I stayed up because I was watching all the episodes of Friends that I had on DVD.

Friends reminds me of an episode of Mastermind India where one of the contestants chose some seasons of Friends as her subject for the first round. She did fairly well. My favorite contestant was the man who chose The Adventures of Asterix as his subject. He did an excellent job, scoring 31 in the first round. I did better, scoring 32. I was at home unfortunately.

I wonder why they canceled Mastermind India. It was a brilliant show. It was also a lot of fun. To hell with all these modern quiz shows with their astounding amounts of prize money. Bring back Mastermind India

Psst… I wonder if I’m developing Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I have started using American English, just to avoid those irritating red squiggles. I must change the language settings to English(UK). I also wrote Obsessive Compulsive Disorder because WordPress was putting a red squiggle under OCD. I just used OCD. I don’t have it. Yeah!


2 Responses to “Perhaps that coffee was a bit strong.”

  1. Monidipa Says:

    you definitely don’t neelu, you definitely don’t. *sigh*

  2. Tuna Says:

    I miss Mastermind India too. That was a good quiz show.

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