What would you call a Vampire’s favourite type of ice-cream?

In the year 2007, I had nineteen posts in April and nine posts in May. In 2008, I had seven and ten posts respectively. I guess that’s because in April-May 2007, I had finished my boards and was supposed to be studying for all those various entrance exams I was supposed to be give. In 2008 however, I was giving my end-sems in April and I was just too lazy in May. April 2007 was my most productive month. I had nineteen posts. I will have maybe ten posts this year. Yes I like to keep track of all the number of posts I have, thank you. I have one hundred and seventy three posts. I also have one thousand two hundred and twenty two approved comments.

The Times of India has been irritating me for some months now. They have stopped capitalising the ‘i’ in their editorial pieces. It is very annoying. I find it very disturbing. They have also started using the word ‘alleged’ and they also italicise it, to add emphasis it seems. Jug Suraiya wrote an article about this in the TOI and they published it. I like TOI for doing that.

Today afternoon, I dozed off and in my dreams I kept hearing Electronica, Drum & Bass to be precise. I think it was because of the sounds coming from the construction site nearby. I find it quite interesting that my brain converted those sounds into beats. It was a nice, uptempo track. I’m pretty sure I hadn’t heard it before.

Random shit :: MTV’s tickr horoscope said “Today will be your best day of the week”.

I’ve run out of things to say.

psst… In case you’re wondering where the answer to the post title is, look in the address bar. 😛


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