April Blogging Fever

I’m now sure that if I’m at home on study leave I will blog like crazy. Witness the rash of posts I’m making. It’s not like I suddenly have many things to say. It just seems like the most interesting thing to do.

I’ve opened all the windows in my room. There is a strong breeze blowing outside. The area around our house is very peaceful at night. I think I’ll go to the terrace after some time. I will climb onto the roof of the stairwell. We used to have a very nice view from the terrace before the surrounding houses came up. The roof of the stairwell now has the best view.

Our house is almost at the end of the development area. If you look in one direction, you’ll see the rest of the houses and the streetlights. The streetlights are my favourite part. The opposite direction is pitch dark. You might see the headlight of a passing vehicle, but otherwise it’s all dark. Beyond the trees you can see light. The trees provide the perfect screen and the light streams over their tops.

There’s a building coming up some distance away, so now if you look in that direction, you can see the lights from the construction. Another direction, you’ll see sporadic lights from different houses.

I love this place.


4 Responses to “April Blogging Fever”

  1. parvathy Says:

    please dun fall off the roof of the stairwell 🙂

  2. parvathy Says:

    also wat random avatar has ur stupid new layout given me ?? i dun like !! where is my square crab ???????????

  3. parvathy Says:

    my square crab is back !! 😀

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