The heat is making me do strange things

It’s making me play Caesar III all the time ( I am a Procurator now πŸ˜› ).

It’s making me completely disinclined to study.

It’s making me make random stuff like this

Summer Doodle

Summer Doodle

I’m going insane. There’s no other explanation for all those retarded colours.


10 Responses to “The heat is making me do strange things”

  1. The Sea Witch Says:

    Somehow, I don’t doubt that!

  2. Monidipa Says:

    or maybe you’re just finally catching up with your gay side. i won’t be surprised at all. *evilgrin*

  3. Monidipa Says:

    i knew it! πŸ˜€

  4. Tygr Tygr Burning Bright Says:

    i will still not forgive you for blocking me. I shall never buy you beer again.

  5. Priyanka Says:

    goes with the falsetto.
    nice work.

  6. The Sorcerer Says:

    This is The Sorcerer from the chip forums. I was reading some of the old posts from the old members. The forums has been designed with a new team. The site admin is more responsive and open to ideas and to implement them provided its a good one. We, members and mods working to get the forums properly, so far we did the job done. Do drop in once in a while to check the forums now. It will be to have senior (Read: respectable IMHO) members back. we can use some help though- we are a community and we do try our best not it down. Before making decisions please do check the forums πŸ™‚
    I am trying to be in touch with good members who were around, if you do them, it will be good if you can spread the word around.

  7. Sarbajaya Says:

    The pink background.

    Is the world coming to an end?

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