The fifth semester begins.

I’m actually enjoying this semester. It’s only been a week but so far it has been enjoyable. Detailed Study of a Shakespeare Play is being coordinated by Amlanda and we’re studying Macbeth so all’s cool on that front. Supriyadi gave us a couple of really interesting lectures on the idea of witchcraft in the 16th-17th Century. She’s said that she’ll give some more lectures when we’ve done the Witches Scenes. Swapanda is supposed to give us a couple of lectures on Textual history I believe. Basically many good lectures are lined up.

The other core course Modernism, coordinated by Tintinda, also seems to be interesting. The Background lectures have been fun. We’ll have to study Hopkins, Woolf, Greene, Beckett among others. I’m looking forward to reading Waiting for Godot.

Swapanda‘s course Renaissance Drama excluding Shakespeare has been excellent so far. 😀

My other optional is Popular and Genre Fiction, offered by Tintinda. It’s damn nice.

I have classes at 10:20 AM three day out of five. 😦

Also the Arden Shakespeare has more annotations on a page than it has lines from the play.

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5 Responses to “The fifth semester begins.”

  1. Animesh Says:

    The life I cannot lead… thou leadeth it foreth me…

  2. Monidipa Says:

    The Cambridge Shakespeare does not?

  3. Tuna Says:

    That Arden Shakespeare edition…

  4. Choi Says:

    Arden Shakespeare. yes. *nods head*

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