Of Birthdays and Bandersnatches.

Well would you believe it? It’s been almost a month since I last came home. I’ve been in Calcutta for almost a whole month. Interesting

So how’s everything?

I’ve shifted from my old mess to a new one. The new one is near 8B and is way better than the previous one.

I left the previous mess because the quality of food they were serving was awful. Then the landlord decided to increase the rent. So I shifted., Bitch!

The food was inedible. I stuck it out for two years. I stayed at that mes for Two years. I stayed in a plywood room for two years, but then one day…

They served chalkumro. Chalkumro is basically a type of pumpkin which is bad even if cooked well. This was cooked very badly. It was the final straw. I left.

They had also become very annoying. I like my independence. So I left.

The plywood room made me feel claustrophobic. So I left.

The bathrooms started running out of water. So I left.

The other people started annoying me. So I left.

The new mess is way better. We shop and then the cook cooks whatever we buy. She’s a good cook.

I havetotal freedom.

The room is an actual room.

The bathroom is not on the roof.


In other news, I had to give a ten minute presentation for my Optional PopFic. I was originally give the topic “Carroll and Parody” but I switched and got “The Arrow of Time” with respect to Carroll’s Through the Looking-Glass. It was a damn easy paper to write. All you have to do is read Stephen Hawkings and Carroll and the paper writes itself. All the ideas will just pour out of your head. It was a lot of fun.

I have also given a class test for my Modernism Core. That wasn’t half as much fun.

I have a couple of more tests lined up.

We’re supposed to start Beckett and M.E. Braddon.

Interesting times ahead.

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2 Responses to “Of Birthdays and Bandersnatches.”

  1. parvathy Says:

    u do realise u didn mention ur bdae after the title 😛
    u guys sharing the place or wat ?

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