Bah! Humbug!

Why am I poor? 😦 Money seems to disappear like well, money. It is especially sad when you want that money to buy books. 😦

Damn it!


11 Responses to “Bah! Humbug!”

  1. the soliloquist Says:

    There are things called parental units. Go beg.

  2. Priyanka Says:

    I have PD’s word that the books will remain (and be renewed) for sometime now. I bought two today, just in case.

  3. parvathy Says:

    aaahhh..earn !!

  4. Tuna Says:

    Seriously, earn! Nothing like earning your own money.

  5. Shreya Says:

    I hate to sound cynical but at least you didn’t get any money stolen from you, hmpf 😐

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