Ah, It feels good to be dead!

My parents and I have completely different ideas of preparing for a trip. I veer towards the Wake up, pack toothbrush and a couple of clothes and leave side. My parents however are firm members of the Prepare for Apocalypse cult. This is very distressing for someone as sensitive and retiring as me. One cannot waste time efficiently in a place where people are packing things all day. A person’s Indolence receptors can only function when there are no people working in the vicinity. This is the fundamental identity of Indolence.

The way people are packing here would make someone think that we’re planning to flee the country. Hopefully Mexico will be nice this time of year.

I have realized that I can survive Nuclear Winter. The only part of Nuclear Winter that might cause massive deaths seems to be the lack of Internet and mobile phones. I have been undergoing intense training for the past three years preparing for just such an eventuality. I wonder if all these mess-baris are actually a part of some secret government project to create a race of super-humans to repopulate the world after people die because of the lack of Internet Connectivity. If my mess-mates are the government’s idea of super-humans who should repopulate the world, I’m afraid the world is doomed. Humanity is going to end up serving cockroaches after all.

I actually gave a fairly good semester exam this time. I am surprised. I actually wrote a four-page answer. I’m impressed, Usually I zone out after a couple of paragraphs. Maybe I have ADHD. Who knows?

Well, I shall now disconnect myself from the Internet again.

Excuse me while I go off and establish friendly relations with all the cockroaches I come across.

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2 Responses to “Ah, It feels good to be dead!”

  1. Priyanka Says:

    I shall be very impressed if you and your roommate manage to repopulate the earth in the event of a nuclear holocaust.

  2. Neelakantan K.K. Says:

    Not with each other. There are mess-baris with female occupants also you know.

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