Contentment makes for boring blogposts.

I am very happy and contented right now. Hence I have nothing to blog about. I wonder if there’s some universal law that states that you can only write a lot if you are depressed, dissatisfied, melancholy or just generally pissed off with the state of things. I suppose it has something to do with the fact that contentment is very pedestrian. It’s not news

Happiness is a grey area as far as blogging is concerned. An event that makes you happy might make for a great blogpost. Things that make you happy might make for a great blogpost. It all depends on how you write. I could write a small post about the things that make me happy. I suspect that it wouldn’t be very interesting unless I contrasted them with something melancholy or just general unhappiness.

Then again, it might be a very boring post. I believe we all like to know that other people are going through shit. Bloody sadists! Or it might be that “My life’s good right now!” just sounds mundane.

See, Contentment is quite boring. Did you ever read such a load of tripe as the one above? Admit it, you haven’t. Tough cookie! You’ve already wasted two minutes of your sad life reading that.

In other news, Jyoti Basu finally quits the CPI(M). Along the way he quit life also. Okay, that was a bad one. One shouldn’t joke about Death. He might take offense.

There’s just one thing about this that annoys me. How come the man gets such great medical treatment? AMRI,AIIMS, expensive drugs, life-support… who paid for all that?

There is a bloody cold wind blowing in Durgapur. It is fairly cold. In Hindi, a fart is also called “garam hawa“. In case you are wondering, yes I did learn that from 3 Idiots. In case you weren’t wondering… I told you anyway.

I can see you judging me fro watching 3 Idiots. I claim absolution. I have a cast-iron excuse. My room-mate has it on his computer and he watches it everyday. I almost know the dialogues now. He watches bits of it over and over and over. He watched the beginning at least ten times and he’s watched that scene where Boman Irani’s moustache is shaved off so many times I can describe the scene is perfect detail.

Another mess-mate liked the movie so much he watched it thrice in three different halls. Oh and did I mention that another mess-mate watches Ajab Prem ki Ghazab Kahani every alternate day?

You know when I said I was contented?

I Lied.

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6 Responses to “Contentment makes for boring blogposts.”

  1. parvathy Says:

    3 idiots i can still understand,…but ajab prem ??? reaaaalllly ??? the man is mad !!! even if smitten by katrina, he is nuts, absolut bonkers !

  2. parvathy Says:

    also yes the blog has the most boring beginning in human history 😛

  3. the_soliloquist Says:

    You have mess-mates who watch Ajab Prem and 3 Idiots constantly and friends who watch Pyaar Impossible and refuse to admit it.
    I feel so very sorry for you.

  4. AbhijanB Says:

    Attaboy. Happy posts feel a tad pretentious to read – all that ‘life’s good touch wood’ crap. bring in a wee bit o’ misery! 😀

  5. Shreya Says:

    What song do you wake up to everyday Neelu? 😛

  6. Tuna Says:

    Tui-o shotti parish!
    And, in fact, AMRI waived the medical fees for Jyoti Basu. I mean, seriously.

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