Another blogpost?!? Oh My Gawd!

It’s March 20th, 2010. I have an internal assessment on the 22nd for which I don’t know what to expect, another on the 26th which is cool and then another on the 29th which is probably the most boring course I have ever done . I also have a term paper to do except I don’t know what I’ll do it on.

So yeah, things are fairly normal around here.

This is my final semester. I shall soon be a graduate. I’ll be a graduate! What the bloody hell! I can actually get a job! Not that I want to. At least not right now.

It’s interesting that It’s been three years since I left school. I hear the old place has changed. Ah well! The Department is also changing. The climate’s changing. The temperature’s changing.

Everything changes. Everyone Changes. Such is life! Besides, it would be really unhygienic if one didn’t change regularly. That’s just gross.

But since this is the last semester and then there will be people scooching off and others mooching off it’s time to do some crazy shit together. Just for the heck of it!

Here’s looking at you kid.

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5 Responses to “Another blogpost?!? Oh My Gawd!”

  1. parvathy Says:

    hmm looks like my fave madcap is getting all philosophical..wat adventure with bus brakes yesterday btw ? fill me in !

  2. Neelakantan K.K. Says:

    Oh nothing much. Bus had brake failure, went and hit a Santro from behind. But no harm done since bus was not going very fast. Also all this happened at the toll gate of Vidyasagar Setu. Driver got off and tried to jump the barrier separating one road from another but couldn’t and was caught. Everybody got on to the next bus and we came home.

  3. Reeti Says:

    Haha! So typically you πŸ˜›

  4. Tuna Says:

    Yes, we should all get together and do something crazy! Maybe I should get drunk this time. πŸ˜›

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