I don’t wanna grow up.

Nowadays, whenever I get home I start downloading albums by Tom Waits and then listen to them obsessively. Bone Machine and Mule Variations are this weekend’s choice. 😀

In other news, I got a tattoo on my right hand in January.

SMS is a brilliant thing. Very convenient and it gets the job done.

Sukantada has started taking our Tragedy classes in his office which is air-conditioned. The relief is unimaginable.

It’s strange that when I was in school I would play football barefeet on a sandy field at one o’clock in the afternoon with great enthusiasm. The heat didn’t seem to affect me so much then. Yet nowadays I feel like one of those bodies with the soul sucked out by creatures from another dimension. I wonder if I’ve grown old or it’s grown warmer.

Arising from the above, I can’t fall asleep because it’s very hot. It’s uncomfortable and sticky and sweaty and grimy and just plain annoying.

People get more easily irritated nowadays. Today I scolded the bus driver of the minibus I was in for driving like a blockhead. It was a pleasant experience.

If the world had to end I’d prefer an Ice Age to a gradual increase in temperature. Freezing over Burning any day man!

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5 Responses to “I don’t wanna grow up.”

  1. Tuna Says:

    Classes with SKC in an AC room? *envy-envy*
    And yes, freezing over burning any day.

  2. parvathy Says:

    u got a tattoo ??? for real ???? how have i not heard this one b4 ???!!!!

  3. Abhijan Barua Says:

    way to go matey. what’s the tattoo about then?

  4. Animesh Says:

    Its feels good to see that your magic pen has grown mightier! Its a bucketful of laughter every second line.

    And yes, the school days must have been cooler. Way to go defender…

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