Good Evening from Halifax!

My sleep patterns are so screwed that I’m going to follow xkcd and simply refer to where my internal clock is right now. I hope it gets back soon. I really miss that little bastard.

Anyway Hello is many languages stranger. Do I know you? Do I really know you? Think properly! Do? I? Know? YOU?

I’ve had five hours of sleep between Friday 21st May 2010, 12:23:35 PM and Sunday 23rd May 2010, 4:25:13 AM. Please ignore any minor glitches that you may observe in reality. I’m slightly sleep deprived right now. I will make up for it by having a bath and then going to bed. I will sleep a deep sleep.

It’s possible that I will have strange dreams. Not that you would care and that is good and proper. On a related note I have Prince of Persia, the original one! Your task is to explain how the fact that I have Prince of Persia, the original one, is related to the fact that it is good and proper that you wouldn’t care if I had strange dreams. I wish you luck. Your time started three minutes ago.

My torrents are giving strange speeds. They’re downloading at speeds of 170 KB/s on average. My System Monitor is showing my Receiving Speed at around 190-200 KB/s. BSNL is weird!

I’m finally getting the hang of Linux. It’s much fun experimenting with an OS. Especially one like Linux. (^-^)

I have two Optional papers left. My two Core papers are done. I have submitted my MA admission form. I have given entrance exams. I’ve looked at the course list for PG1. Interesting.

The wire knows!

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