Gasp! *brush off earth*

Oh my god! It’s been so long! Sodding Sextons! Can’t even do a proper resurrection nowadays. We used to do these things better in the olden days. Why, back then, we used to break out of marble tombs whereas nowadays it’s getting difficult to break out of cheap coffins.

So, I got bitten by a dog recently. Hence, I am poorer by bloody Rupees Sixteen Hundred!!! What gives, anti-rabies people? Seriously!

These days, I leave the mess around ten in the morning and get home around nine at night. It’s really annoying. But the course is interesting. I suspect it’s because we spend much of it pointing out other people’s errors. Normal, human reaction and all that jazz.

I have to go to a wedding in Chennai. I’m hoping for more books!

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One Response to “Gasp! *brush off earth*”

  1. Magically Bored Says:

    Haha, trust you to summarise the EditPub course as “pointing out other people’s errors”. Neelu, this would have been possible only from you! 😛

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