All right, I have exams coming up.

You know what exams means? Blogposts! Not very interesting ones but you don’t care, right? Not everyone can be funny and interesting. I’ll leave that to the funny and interesting ones. I shall just not care and be indifferent to the benefits of being funny and interesting. It’s anyway hyped way too much and no, that’s not sour grapes. I’ve never had sour grapes. I’ve had sour mangoes though.

Speaking of mangoes, fruit season is back. Watermelon and Mango season, the season when you can beat hunger and thirst at the same time. You can also improve your digestion at the same time. Damn, Watermelons are a gift from the gods and thank you Africa!

Also, Wikipedia has a page called List of culinary fruits. Also only Wikipedia can have a “Hazards” section for Bel.

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One Response to “All right, I have exams coming up.”

  1. Magically Bored Says:

    Yaay for mangoes and watermelons! 😀

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