And the end draws nearer…

So one more year of my life has gone by. I am now older. I can feel many manifestations of it now. I’m less scornful of people taking rickshaws everywhere. I now get aches and pains following strenuous, physical activity. But I still retain my carefree outlook on life. So while my body might give up, I’ll will it to do all the crazy shit I always do.

I’m afraid I didn’t really gain much wisdom that I could bore you with this year. I gained experience but no wisdom. I did gain a wisdom tooth. Painlessly, I should add. Unlike other people who were put through some incredible pain. See what I meant about forcing my body to do all kinds of crazy shit? My mind has the final say, always!

I’ve learnt plenty of new shit. One of the things I’ve learnt is that WordPress’s spell checker puts a red squiggle under both ‘learnt’ and ‘wordpress’. I also learnt that Samsung has a really stupid dictionary in its phones. Other lessons, you either already know, don’t want to know or can’t be told. You’ll just have to wait till I publish my memoirs.

My social skills are non-existent, I’ve realised. This thought makes me very happy for reasons unknown. Anonymity is a beautiful thing. Transient moments feel better than recorded events. Now I’m just talking shit and trying to annoy everyone.

I’ve come to like reading non-fiction better than fiction. It requires me to think and reason. Fiction sometimes brings sharks along.

Technology is amazing. Ethical piracy is essential.

Spread stuff on the bread!

It will happen. You know that right?


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