Of cabbages and kings.

Hey world! What’s up with you? Not that I’m interested. This is my blog, not yours. So get your own blog!

Anyway, sorry for that disturbing scene, ladies and gentlemen. Tonight’s entertainment is my mangled finger. While that may sound like some Emocore band, it is, quite literally, my mangled thumb. You may be wondering how it got mangled. If you’re imagining that my thumb has become a torn, bloody chunk of meat… seriously, try therapy.

A cat bit my thumb. Interestingly, my friends thought of the same joke. Oh well, you know what they say about wise men. And fools, now that I think about it. The incident happened on the thursday before last. I was bringing our cat back from a creche where we had placed it. Incidentally, I realize that I haven’t said a word on this blog about the cat. I shall now digress and tell you all how the cat came to be.

In the beginning there was a tom cat… and then after much wailing and gnashing of teeth… I spotted a cat hiding in a corner of my room near my cot. It seemed to be injured so I fed it. Soon it became friendly and started treating the mess as its own. Then one day it came in injured with one eye popping out. To cut a long story short, I was bringing it back to the mess.

It was in a pink basket and I think its sense of aesthetics was jarred severely. It tried to escape, got stuck and bit me. “Bit me hard, it bit me good / It caused my thumb to swell up like some succulent fruit” and it also caused me to have twelve puncture marks on my thumb. It looks kinda cool, actually.

There is also injured pup in the mess which we hope will make it.

Also the cat, which was being called “Billi” will probably be renamed “Pataudi” or possibly “Tiger” in honour of the man.

Also, never trust life when it seems like there’s too much drama. It’s merely gearing up for the sock filled with the lead of sordidness. If it seems too dramatic to be true, it is. And there will be a bitter awakening.

I might be wrong, of course. But I doubt it. Things are random and there is no grand plan. I should know. I’m God! I can barely figure out how to make this thing work. Bloody instruction sheet!

Update :: The pup, named Doggerel Barua A.K.A. The Amazing Mercurochrome died yesterday (The 26th of September, 2011), possibly of rabies. The pup fought but such is life. It sucks. Especially since we had managed to find a home for it and all. Oh well.

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2 Responses to “Of cabbages and kings.”

  1. Prayag Says:

    I hope you took a rabies shot dude. Cats can carry rabies too, y’know.

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