Double-decker joy.

Heh heh. I came back by a double-decker train this time. It is the very much fun. Although it only has a/c chair cars and hence is slightly expensive. Also the only food items available on the train are chips, biscuits, frooti and water. Comes of not having a pantry car. But since it only takes two and a half-hours to get to Durgapur, I’m not complaining. Also it is damn fun to sit on(in?) the upper deck and watch the platform. The lower deck is also fun. As you can tell, I sampled the window seats of both decks.

In other news, I have to report that Ubuntu is not invulnerable and does break. I believe I managed to break it by trying to download through WINE which screwed up my drivers. Ah well. I’ve done a clean install of Ubuntu 11.10. I’m quite liking the new Unity interface. It reminds me a lot of the OSX UI.

In even more news, I re-read the entire Harry Potter series in reverse order in these past few days and have come to the following conclusions. The last three books are not that bad. In fact, in book five, there’s a line which only makes sense if you’ve read book seven. And even then it’s not a hugely striking line and the real explanation is only evident if you make the connection. I have to admit, my respect for that woman has increased.

In even more news, I have to write a term paper in the next 48 hours. Life is soon going to get interesting.

Also, I just realised that over the years, by buying all those tech magazines, I have accumulated 98 CDs and 33 DVDs. It is a slightly scary thought that there will be people who will have even more.



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