Back by popular demand!

And when I say ‘popular demand’, I mean two people asked me at some point to blog again. I’m not going to tell them that I’ve made a new post. So I’m assured of at least some conversation at some point during this year. Or the next. It really depends on how soon they’ll realize there’s a new post.

I now live in South Delhi. I still work in Uttar Pradesh. I say Uttar Pradesh instead of Noida because Uttar Pradesh is a big state and I could be working somewhere in the hinterland. But I’m not. Travelling to work, you only realize you’ve entered Uttar Pradesh when the roads become narrower and traffic management becomes non-existent. Traffic in Uttar Pradesh probably flows better when the cops don’t try to manage it. It’s probably the unfamiliarity of seeing cops trying to manage traffic that freaks the fuck out of people. It’s like when you’re asked a question suddenly and you start stammering and getting all worked up. Or it could be that the cops don’t give a shit. I did see two traffic cops carrying assault rifles once and it freaked me the fuck out. What the fuck kind of traffic were they expecting? Dear Lord! I did not think I would ever write Uttar Pradesh so many times in one paragraph.

Living in South Delhi has its advantages. I can read a lot in the ninety minutes or so that it takes me to get to work. I can also recognize other people who make this journey everyday. It’s a great reason to leave work early everyday, and to get to work late. It’s a great reason to skip late-night meetings with people in other time zones. It also makes for a great excuse to get out of attending social gatherings. People can’t really say anything if you go, “Hey! I can’t make it. I have to go to Uttar Pradesh tomorrow.” They don’t know you’re just going to sit at home and listen to music you like rather than some trashy trash that you’d rather trash. Adjective, noun and verb!

If time speeding by is a sign of ageing, then I am definitely old. Where did the past year go?! But time also seems to slow down. For example, it’s only been two weeks since Christmas! Who would have thunk? Bloody stupid neurons!

I should probably blog more. But then, I should probably also exercise more, eat healthier, drink less coffee and quit smoking. I don’t see any of that happening, so maybe I will blog more and experience a sense of achievement. It’s the same reason I like answering emails. It provides a sense of accomplishment while actually not advancing the progress of human civilization a whit. Emails are cool things. They could substitute for so many meetings I have to attend. Yet people insist on having meetings and calls that could just have been email conversations. What are you going to learn by speaking to me that you couldn’t learn by asking me over email? My reply is likely to be way more concise and better researched than if you ask me on a call. Most calls are also pointless. Everyone should just talk via emails and chats. Unless you actually like spending time with the other person. In which case, use whatever medium of communication floats your boat. If you want to communicate via smoke signals, go ahead. You’ll have to always be in the smoking zone, but you’re usually in the smoking zone anyway so you might as well get some work done.

There are benefits to working for a soulless corporate entity apart from the usual insurance and stuff. One is free coffee, the second is free water, and the last is good loos. These are technically one big benefit since they’re so closely linked, they could be taught in science class as another cycle of nature. Food is kinda hit-and-miss. Travel is usually hated. And everybody other than you just cannot understand what you’re trying to say. Everybody’s just getting by while the universe quietly arranges everything for its eventual heat death. All of us are just cogs in the universe’s grand scheme.

So don’t be sad if you did nothing all day at work. Maybe entropy didn’t want you today.

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One Response to “Back by popular demand!”

  1. Rai Says:

    You managed to quit smoking so maybe it’s time to join me in EXERCIIIIIISE. Running we will go, glorious, tall and short, skinny and not so skinny, marvellous it will be.

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