Guitar Chronicles.

The purpose of this page is so that I can record my progress. This will help me retain motivation.

July 12th :: Bought Guitar and Amp. Learnt to hold Guitar properly. Learnt to hold pick properly. Not sure if I’m holding my left hand properly. I can’t seem to cover the frets properly.

July 13th :: Learnt the chromatic scale. Also Learnt three chords. Must try switching chords.


Yes, yes. Been some time. But eh well…

Mwahaha I now know about ten open chords. Plus two scales. plus a couple of finger exercises. And now I can switch chords a bit faster.


It’s been a long time. I last updated this page on the 17th of October. But now I can change chords smoothly. I can keep time fairly well. In short I can now play the guitar a fair bit.

I must say that’s quite an achievement considering till some time March this year I used to practise maybe twice a week, sometimes not even that. My effective playing time must be something like three months. 🙂


It is August 15th, 2009. I last updated this page on April 27th 2009. I can now play quite a few songs. I can maintain Rhythm fairly well. Open chords are not a problem. Barre Chords are easier. Sevenths are being mastered.

In short, I’m getting way better.

Practise… Practise…


Who the fuck snaps a 5th string? I How did I even do that? Anyway I’ve got a new string and retuned it. Tuning a guitar after a string snaps is a major pain in the neck I tell you.


Not only do I snap a fifth string, I also manage to snap a fourth string. But they were old.


I can now play the rhythm part of True love will never fade. Yay!

2 Responses to “Guitar Chronicles.”

  1. parvathy Says:

    ehhhh….u shud link the metal madness to this pg 😛

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