Ha ha ha

Check out the avataars now. 😆

WordPress is damn cool.

They’ve added this cool feature, which allows the blog admin to set default avatars. If someone does not have an avatar on WP, they get a cool avatar, if the blog admin has set it. And it’s unique to each commenter(at least to each commenter’s IP). How cool.

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A new page has dawned.

With such a cheesy title, you’ve probably guessed what the page is. In case you haven’t(???) take a look at the top bar.

If you still couldn’t spot it (TL)….

“PJs and the Like ”

Visit that page and post your contributions.

P.S.:- Mind contributing to the random thoughts page, while you’re at it? :-))

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I’ve Moved

Well, I’ve moved my blog to WordPress. Blogger was really bugging me. Now i have to perform a test on blogger.

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