Overconfidence?? Naw….

Am I taking Comp Sc too lightly? I think not. They gave us 11 days to prepare for it. πŸ˜† Of course no one was going to waste 11 days studying CSc. πŸ™„ But still some people have started studying two-three days early. I mean I was only going to start studying today. What do I study? C++ progs, ❓ or maybe SQL statements πŸ™„ The only thing I need to look up—maybe—is that part on networking πŸ™„ . If I study that more than once I would be like dead and yet some people manage to do just that. Not only that they learn by rote C++ progs. Give me a break. How can you memorize a program? They change the structure and you’re sunk. Comp Sc sucks anyway.

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Mathematics Exam

Woo Hoo Main Exam Over. Still not rid of it but hey Its a start.

Question Paper was quite easy. In fact surprised to see it so easy.

For the first time in this exam I wasn’t the first roll number in the class…Still first bench but something’s better than nothing. Especially as the invigilators were standing at the door and yammering away πŸ™„ .

Eleven days till Comp Sc.

But now Every student in durgapur who’s going to give IIT is very tense….Coz Our admit cards haven’t arrived yet People in Raniganj, Ukhra, Asansol have got it but we haven’t.

Plan to sleep late tmr and start studying physics and chem from the next day.

Update::I received the admit card today by speed post. relieved really. for a moment thought ” One grand down the drain ”

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Physical Education

What a stupid subject. Should never have taken it. Exam was all right. But man what a pain studying for it. Why is it a pain? Because you’re laughing so hard.
Sample This::

Problems of aggresive Behaviour:- In this age group, children tend to show aggresive behaviour. The become aggresive on minor things. They easily become irritate. When they are asked to do some thing in which they don’t have interest, they become repulsive. They pose themselves as hero.

Beautiful no? πŸ™„

But still another subject which I never have to study again…..Not that i ever did.

Next Maths.

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English Exam

English…..All right…no problemo.

Since today was english exam for commerce as well as science students (we both study the same english πŸ™„ ) and so classrooms had been changed. Me still first roll in my class 😦 . The benches were tiny. We had to bend over to write. Talk about exams being a pain in your neck. πŸ˜‰ Then of course crap invigilators. πŸ™„

Now three days till Physical Education.

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Chemistry SUX

Hahaha πŸ˜† no more need to study chem….except for the competitive. But still I’m done with chem. Yee ha.

The exam was all right. The invigilators were crap as usual πŸ™„ Now only major exam left is Maths and I have 7 days for that but first English and P.Ed.

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Physics Exam

The first exam of my boards. The exam went all right. But lets start from the beginning

Went to the exam centre by myself. Its really very close to my house. Saw the seating plan and I was sitting in the first bench. The roll in my room started from me. CRAP.

KV’s invigilators haven’t changed a bit. They still go out to eat paan and drink tea. They still stand at the door and chat while students cheat. πŸ™„Β  They shout out standing at the door ” Bring me a cup of tea” The benches are really small.

The invigilators for this exam were comic. There are supposed to be two invigilators but it might have saved time if they had just slept at home.

Well 6th is Chem and that’s surely going to be fun. πŸ˜‰

P.S.:- If you’re wondering why I haven’t said a word about how my exams went then you really don’t know me.

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Well, Boards Day after tommorow

My “bored” exams start day after tommorow. *sigh* Well thinking of posting about my exams, the invigilators—The guys at Kendriya Vidyalaya make for good blog food–, the questions, etc, etc.

This board exam timetable is quite good as it has holidays for every exam even Physical Education. :-). So getting time to study is not a problem. So here’s hoping for a good examination.

Cheers. πŸ™‚

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Well, Nose to grinding stone for some time…..

My Class XII pre boards starting soon…well day after tmr actually. heh heh heh ….
Then its study for boards and competitive, Man Class XII Sucks. Have to give all these stupid entrance exams and get good results. GRRRR…..