The fifth semester begins.

I’m actually enjoying this semester. It’s only been a week but so far it has been enjoyable. Detailed Study of a Shakespeare Play is being coordinated by Amlanda and we’re studying Macbeth so all’s cool on that front. Supriyadi gave us a couple of really interesting lectures on the idea of witchcraft in the 16th-17th Century. She’s said that she’ll give some more lectures when we’ve done the Witches Scenes. Swapanda is supposed to give us a couple of lectures on Textual history I believe. Basically many good lectures are lined up.

The other core course Modernism, coordinated by Tintinda, also seems to be interesting. The Background lectures have been fun. We’ll have to study Hopkins, Woolf, Greene, Beckett among others. I’m looking forward to reading Waiting for Godot.

Swapanda‘s course Renaissance Drama excluding Shakespeare has been excellent so far. 😀

My other optional is Popular and Genre Fiction, offered by Tintinda. It’s damn nice.

I have classes at 10:20 AM three day out of five. 😦

Also the Arden Shakespeare has more annotations on a page than it has lines from the play.

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Why studying literature can be funny…

in unexpected ways.

I won’t say anything about how we get to broaden our horizons and stuff. Just a small sample

From Emma by Jane Austen

Mr. Elton returned, a very happy man. He had gone away rejected
and mortified–disappointed in a very sanguine hope, after a series
of what appeared to him strong encouragement; and not only losing
the right lady, but finding himself debased to the level of a very
wrong one. He had gone away deeply offended–he came back engaged
to another–and to another as superior, of course, to the first,
as under such circumstances what is gained always is to what is lost.
He came back gay and self-satisfied, eager and busy, caring nothing
for Miss Woodhouse, and defying Miss Smith.

Now this is after Mr. Elton has declared his love for Emma and has been rejected. He goes away mortified. Emma had in fact been trying to get him to like her friend Harriet, a girl of little money and inferior social standing. Mr. Elton goes away and returns engaged to someone else.

Nothing new so far. But let’s read it like this.

He had gone away rejected and mortified. He had gone away deeply offended .He came back gay.

When you read it like this, it suddenly become so much more entertaining. 😉

Heheh I leave it to you to find other such entertaining meanings. 😉

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The Studying starts now.

It has suddenly dawned upon me that the end-sems start in ~10 more days. Gah. Hence I will start studying.

Now since I can’t possibly hope to study everything in the syllabus– I wouldn’t remember even if I did–and I don’t think they expect us to do so, I have decided to study only that which I like and leave out the rest. They can go take a hike.

Hence from “English Literature 1760-1830” I will be studying

From “English Literature 1830-1900” I will be studying

It has to start somewhere
It has to start sometime
What better place than here
What better time than now

::Rage Against The Machine

Musings on language

I was listening to the song “Pain” by “Three Days Grace”. They’re quite a good band and the song is very good but back to the point.

The song has a certain line
You’re sick of feeling numb.

Now Numb is defined as Lacking sensation

If you’re “lacking sensation” how can you feel numb????? I’ve heard a couple of my friends use this expression also. I wonder:-“Do they not know the proper usage of this term?”

The proper usage should be ” I have become numb” or “I have been numbed ” or ” I was in a state of numbness”

Please use terms properly. Thank you.

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