The Studying starts now.

It has suddenly dawned upon me that the end-sems start in ~10 more days. Gah. Hence I will start studying.

Now since I can’t possibly hope to study everything in the syllabus– I wouldn’t remember even if I did–and I don’t think they expect us to do so, I have decided to study only that which I like and leave out the rest. They can go take a hike.

Hence from “English Literature 1760-1830” I will be studying

From “English Literature 1830-1900” I will be studying

It has to start somewhere
It has to start sometime
What better place than here
What better time than now

::Rage Against The Machine

The week that was…

Let’s See…. Was in Kolkata from 18th night to 28th afternoon. So what happened in that time?

We had our freshers on 21st. We got free food and free rock music. So that was good.

Went to Princeton and Someplace Else.

I am short of blogging material. 😦

Back again.

I need better titles. Newayz, been some time since I’ve blogged. Muchos Apologies. So What’s Up?

I’ve got my JU ID card. This means I should get a new mobile number soon.

I have been reading a lot. Poems, essays, novels….you get the drift. I’m planning to join a couple of libraries.

I’ve had to be extremely careful when spending. It’s quite a new feeling having to look in the wallet and wonder where all that money went.

I have good filter coffee once a week. There are a couple of places where for Rs.10 you get a nice bit of filter coffee.

The food at my mess S.U.C.K.S Big time. There’s only potatoes, veggies are a rarity. Fish/Egg and sometimes chicken.

Kolkata’s water tastes awful.

The traffic is murderous. You never know who’s gonna go berserk, climb the footpath(when there’s such a thing) and run over you. The State buses, minibuses,share autos(a peculiar phenomenon in which one auto contains six people) race to get the most passengers. If in the process they run over a few people, well…they don’t really care.

That’s all for now.

The day of Reckoning

Today was the day when all those geniuses crawled out of their holes and showed what they were made of. Me not being one of them was there just to answer the questions . πŸ˜₯ Today was also the second race of the F1 season. and Alonso won, and Hamilton came second. πŸ˜₯ Curse you IIT. πŸ‘Ώ

Newayz, The admit cards had two centres mentioned. NIT I and NIT II. Yeah right, NIT I is the first floor and NIT II the ground floor πŸ™„ πŸ˜†

The benches are C R A P. You can’t sit comfortably, The edges are broken, you have to bend to write….You got the idea.

The Questions were concept based, and could solve a fair amount of them. Now have to see if the IIT profs agree with me. πŸ˜‰

This year only one exam for IIT, no mains and screening.

Here’s hoping for tha best.

Next AIEEE on 29th .

The first rejection letter( and hopefully the last)

So after all those applications to colleges abroad…okay just two….one has sent me a rejection letter. Nanyang Technological University has sent me a rejection letter stating “Your application has been unsuccessful. Our seats are limited and we are highly selective blah blah blah” . That’s a nice omen for Maths πŸ™„ . Yupz tomorrow is maths and today this. And my friend who applied also didn’t get it. Well All I can say is 😈 NTU’s Loss 😈

So Now got to concentrate on IIT-JEE, AIEEE, BITSAT and HSEE. oh and hope that I get good result in boards and get into NUS .

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Well, Nose to grinding stone for some time…..

My Class XII pre boards starting soon…well day after tmr actually. heh heh heh ….
Then its study for boards and competitive, Man Class XII Sucks. Have to give all these stupid entrance exams and get good results. GRRRR…..