Random, nonsensical post.

Winamp:: It really whips the Llama’s ass.

Yes, I am a Winamp user. I do not like WMP. It’s good but nothing compared to Winamp. Especially after v5.5 The plugins available for Winamp are just too cool. And the new Bento skin is just uber. But the feature that I really adore in Winamp is “Global Hotkeys”. You can control Winamp with the Keyboard, no matter which software you’re using. Add to the fact that it sits nicely in the System Tray….

Check out the Bento Skin

The pictures of the mouse have unfortunately not come out well. In fact, they have come out awful. So no pics of mouse.


We do have pictures of a calotes in the Bougainvillea.

A Pink Chrysanthemum

My room has been cleaned by me. This is a very rare event. It only occurs due to a combination of various factors like Sudden bout of Insanity, Sudden increase in External Influences, the Movements of some random quark in the center of the multiverse…. You get the idea.

The domain has been scoured. Fire and brimstone have done their work. Junk has been abandoned, Junk has been moved to higher levels, new booby traps have been set up.

Stuff has been re-arranged.

This process usually involves Sweat and Blood. This time also Blood was offered to the great deity of cleanliness. I hurt two fingers on my right hand while cleaning out some shelves. The spartan bravely continued with his task and silently bore the pain. And is now blogging with injured fingers.

Will post picture…maybe.

PS:: Pics of mouse will be up shortly.

PPS:: Wondering what the post has to do with Pink Chrysanthemums? Absolutely Nothing.

Mouse in the house

My latest pastime… trying to catch a mouse. No, I have not become insane. No, I am not a cat.

This mouse has been in the house for a few days now, well weeks actually. We bought a mousetrap. It hasn’t worked so far. We’ve cleaned up all the junk on the floor. ( This process usually involves moving all the junk to a higher level 😉 ) The mouse just moves to another room. It started out with the kitchen, moved on to my room, and then moved to my sister’s room. So today I decided, Enough is enough, Time to catch it with my bare hands. I started taking all the shelves apart. It ran up the Electric Iron’s power cord onto the window sill. I caught it, it slipped out of my hands and hid under the bookcase. I poked it with a scale, it ran up the Electric Iron’s power cord onto the window sill. I caught it, it slipped out of my hands and hid under the bookcase.Repeat performance twice. Then it climbs up the leg of the cot, and jumps towards the door. I had locked it so it couldn’t run away. It hid behind some plastic bags, I flushed it out. I caught it again, It slipped out of my hands again. Then it finally managed to squeeze under the door and get out. My sister’s room looks like it’s been demolished by a monster truck. 😈

The mouse is actually pretty cute. :mrgreen: It has pink ears, and is small and goes around the place sniffing at everything. :mrgreen: It’s also very soft. :mrgreen: I wonder if I could keep it as a pet.

Back again.

I need better titles. Newayz, been some time since I’ve blogged. Muchos Apologies. So What’s Up?

I’ve got my JU ID card. This means I should get a new mobile number soon.

I have been reading a lot. Poems, essays, novels….you get the drift. I’m planning to join a couple of libraries.

I’ve had to be extremely careful when spending. It’s quite a new feeling having to look in the wallet and wonder where all that money went.

I have good filter coffee once a week. There are a couple of places where for Rs.10 you get a nice bit of filter coffee.

The food at my mess S.U.C.K.S Big time. There’s only potatoes, veggies are a rarity. Fish/Egg and sometimes chicken.

Kolkata’s water tastes awful.

The traffic is murderous. You never know who’s gonna go berserk, climb the footpath(when there’s such a thing) and run over you. The State buses, minibuses,share autos(a peculiar phenomenon in which one auto contains six people) race to get the most passengers. If in the process they run over a few people, well…they don’t really care.

That’s all for now.