Hard Sun::Eddie Vedder

This video is of the song Hard Sun from The soundtrack of the movie Into the wild. It’s composed by Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam fame.

It’s a great song and a great video. I wonder where I can get the movie and the book from.

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Terragen Time.(and other news)

Home for the weekend( Bless you SBSTC). So let me review my fortnight(Yes I didn’t come home last weekend).

Let’s see…….

JUDE is showing Neo-Noir films every wednesday(They’re going to show 6 films, I believe). Saw Miller’s Crossing and Coffee and Cigarettes. They’s gonna show “In The Soup” this wednesday.

I’ve given my name for the JUDE football team for the FOA Inter departmental Footbal Tournament. been practising regularly.

I’ve taken up Latin Classes. Quite interesting. We’re currently learning Latin grammar.

And now The Honours and Extra-Departmental courses. Quite nice and interesting. And sometimes quite fun.

Been doing some experiments with Terragen after a long time.



Oh and I got a haircut(after four months 😳 )

Cheers for now. πŸ™‚

Rocky’s good

Watched Rocky Balboa today. The movie’s quite good. Would recommend it. Stallone acts good, the movie’s done great. πŸ™‚ The fight scenes are superb especially the end.

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Dhoom Machaale

Saw Dhoom 2 on Friday. Not bad. Expected a bit more. There’s no story to speak of, the music sucks, and they’ve ruined the ending. Uday Chopra is just the comic relief, Bipasha is eye-candy. Hrithik looks cool and the stunts are great. The effects are rather impressive. The scenery is also good. Aishwarya …. is all right but not really a meaty role. and NO bikes till the last 10-15 mins X-( Hrithik’s disguies are also quite good. And Hrithik’s entrance and Abhishek’s entrance rocks. The movie’s watchable but I wouldn’t recommend it to anybody looking for a story.

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