D.A.V.’s Republic Day becomes Public Spectacle.

Republic Day Celebrations in our school have never been eventful. The same old Parade, P.T. and cultural programme, not to mention the boring speeches. Not this time though.

The school was doing the Mass P.T. after the Parade. There’s this stupid exercise where we have to jump,clap and turn. Then we have to sit down for the exercises done while we’re sitting. Just as we were doing the last turn and about to sit down, There’s a loud explosion. Everybody ws startled but we thought it was just firecrackers. Suddenly the drum beats stopped and we saw parents and teachers running toward the basketball court. Apparantly what happened was that there was a guy filling up baloons with Gas and his cylinder exploded. Our principal(“Pintoo”) was imploring the parents to keep calm. There were kids sitting quite near the cylinder and luckily no kid was hurt. The man lost a leg, which flew off with the cylinder and landed somewhere in the overgrown area behind where we were sitting. Again luckily the cylinder did not fall on the students who were just sitting down. The chief guest nicely insulted pintoo. After the programme, the parents gheraoed the principal’s office. Four teacher’s were standing in front of the door asking the parents to calm down. Man, we thought he was going to get beaten up. But since no kid was hurt the parents did not beat him up. damn eventful day.