The heat is making me do strange things

It’s making me play Caesar III all the time ( I am a Procurator now 😛 ).

It’s making me completely disinclined to study.

It’s making me make random stuff like this

Summer Doodle

Summer Doodle

I’m going insane. There’s no other explanation for all those retarded colours.

God knows…

I need a new nose.

For the past couple of days my routine has been.

Step 1:: Sneeze.
Step 2:: Wipe Nose.
Step 3:: Curse.

Repeat from top.

And now I’m irritated. I’m also bored. I have to study. I also have to collect my exam roll no. Damn It.


I have a PoCo test on Monday. Three novels and an essay. Robinson Crusoe, Foe, Things fall apart and Dancing in Cambodia. Also we might have two stupid Background texts, Orientalism and Empire writes back.

I also have a L&A theatre test on thursday which reminds me, I need notes. Note to self:photocopy notes after PoCo test. Read notes.

All I need is for some other test to happen and life will be bloody perfect.


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The Studying starts now.

It has suddenly dawned upon me that the end-sems start in ~10 more days. Gah. Hence I will start studying.

Now since I can’t possibly hope to study everything in the syllabus– I wouldn’t remember even if I did–and I don’t think they expect us to do so, I have decided to study only that which I like and leave out the rest. They can go take a hike.

Hence from “English Literature 1760-1830” I will be studying

From “English Literature 1830-1900” I will be studying

It has to start somewhere
It has to start sometime
What better place than here
What better time than now

::Rage Against The Machine

A Pink Chrysanthemum

My room has been cleaned by me. This is a very rare event. It only occurs due to a combination of various factors like Sudden bout of Insanity, Sudden increase in External Influences, the Movements of some random quark in the center of the multiverse…. You get the idea.

The domain has been scoured. Fire and brimstone have done their work. Junk has been abandoned, Junk has been moved to higher levels, new booby traps have been set up.

Stuff has been re-arranged.

This process usually involves Sweat and Blood. This time also Blood was offered to the great deity of cleanliness. I hurt two fingers on my right hand while cleaning out some shelves. The spartan bravely continued with his task and silently bore the pain. And is now blogging with injured fingers.

Will post picture…maybe.

PS:: Pics of mouse will be up shortly.

PPS:: Wondering what the post has to do with Pink Chrysanthemums? Absolutely Nothing.

Beware of the K.M.R.

Okay, this will be quite a substantial post. Why? Because I went and submitted my End-Sem exam forms to the K.M.R. a.k.a The place that drives you mad (ref. The Twelve Tasks of Asterix) a.k.a Bureaucratic Hell. But let’s start at the beginning shall we?

On Monday, 8th Oct, A notice comes up on the Dep notice board that Tuesday, 9th Oct was the last date to submit End-Sem exam forms without fine and Thursday, 11th Oct was the last date to submit forms with a Rs.5 fine. They would accept only fines picked up from the K.M.R. and forms DLoaded from the Uni website. So I got a form printed and photocopied it. Went to K.M.R. at 10:00 A.M. on Tuesday to submit forms. Went and stood in the shorted line along with two other friends. Some other friends had gone and stood in the longer line( coz they didn’t know the shorter line existed…until we told them, by which time it was too late to switch lines) Stood there for FIVE frikkin hours and then those @#$%#$ wouldn’t accept my form coz it was a photocopy. The little @$$#o|35. Then went on Friday, Stood in line for three hours and submitted a fresh form. Bloody freaks. Stuck in the administrative processes of 1943. And there were these geniuses in line who were paying their sem fees at the same time. And some Einstiens who filled their forms incorrectly. Stupid buggers.

Helped Sandy pick up and organize the JUDE dept T-Shirts. Poor Sandy has gone quite bald with this task. Also the T-Shirt guy has made some quite entertaining mistakes. He’s put “L” tags on size “Small” T-Shirts. Some people are going to get a shock when they pick up their Tees. 😈 Also he’s messed up some orders. But on the whole he’s done stuff properly. So that’s cool.

Met Karma Mingyur Yonzone a.k.a Kong a.k.a The Beast from the North-East. This man has to be seen to be believed.

Went out to eat quite a bit.

Exams from Nov 26th.

See quite a big post.


Fools, Damn Fools X(

Flying Fly ash Flying Fly ash

That’s not snow or rain. That’s dust—Fly Ash—to be precise.

The mud in that area was dug out to level the adjoining areas, to develop housing areas. All fine and well. Now in the rains, those great big ditches would be filled with water. So what do these intelligent people do? They fill up the holes with fly ash. Now in the winds that fly ash flies everywhere, getting in the house, so you can’t walk barefeet without getting your feet black, damaging your electronic items.( That fly ash ain’t too good for the TV you know). Damn Fools. Not to mention the fact that nothing will grow there so that the place will remain barren.

Oh well, They’re now covering the fly ash with a layer of mud. Hopefully that will settle the dust. 😐
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This poor guy’s hut is just hidden by the flying ash.

Flying Fly ashFlying Ash