Oh Well, wherever, wherever you are….

Iron Maiden’s gonna get you

Yes. Iron Maiden shall get you, no matter where you are. 😈

If you have just crawled out from under a rock, or are one of those who think Justin Timberlake is a rock star πŸ™„ Then Know that Iron Maiden is a Metal God. One of the most influential and successful Heavy Metal bands in history, Iron Maiden have contributed to the rise of Heavy Metal in a way that very few can match. Part of the NWOBHM, Iron Maiden have gone on to become one of the Ubergroups of Metal and Rock.

Why this sudden outpouring of praise? No reason, Just that since the Honours papers are over, I have been blowing my eardrums out by listening to Iron Maiden and Dloading their songs.

Iron Maiden’s songs are not your typical Sex, Drugs and Rock’n’Roll songs. They take their history and literature seriously. I mean, Just look at some of the themes that their songs deal with…

  • The Iron Maiden ( a 17th century torture device)
  • The Phantom of the Opera (A gothic novel)
  • The Prodigal Son (The New Testament guy)
  • Murders in the Rue Morgue (An Edgar Allen Poe story)
  • Hallowed be thy name (dealing with the feelings of a man about to be executed)
  • Number of the beast (Against Satanic Rituals)
  • The Flight of Icarus (From Greek Mythology)
  • The Trooper (about the Battle of Balaclava in 1854 during the Crimean War)
  • Quest for fire ( based on mankind’s discovery of fire)
  • Where Eagles dare ( Based on the Clint Eastwood movie)
  • 2 Minutes to midnight (based on the Doomsday clock)
  • The Duellists (Bruce Dickinson is a fencer)
  • Alexander the great (based on the great conqueror)
  • Fear of the dark (supposed to be based on Steve Harris’s fear of the dark as a child)

and of course…
Rime of the ancient mariner. The entire poem told in a 14 minutes heavy metal song. Head-banging poetry. So cool, I love it. Harris managed to get the poem into a heavy metal song.

Of course, All of Iron Maiden’s songs have some theme or other, These are just some of the songs I’ve heard or have. Not an extensive list I know.

And it’s not just the themes…the innovative riffs, beautiful guitar solos, the structuring of the songs, I could go on and on.

Of these my Faves are Rime of the Ancient Mariner, Hallowed be thy name and Number of the beast.

Could someone get me Iron Maiden’s song “Iron Maiden” from their album “Iron Maiden”? I can’t find it anywhere except on sites which only let me listen to it, not DLoad it. πŸ˜₯

PS: Anyone who disagrees with my opinion of Iron Maiden shall be eaten alive by me. You have been warned.

PPS: If you don’t know about the themes in the song, use Wikipedia.


33 Responses to “Oh Well, wherever, wherever you are….”

  1. Abhijan Says:

    Everything true about Iron Maiden,
    But err.. JT and a rockstar??

    Yeh baat Kuch hazam Nahi Hui.

  2. neelakantankk Says:

    I swear there are deluded people who think that JT is a rock star. πŸ‘Ώ

  3. parvathy Says:

    cannibal !!!

  4. neelakantankk Says:

    Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me. Of course They might cause a few broken bones for the speaker…

  5. Prayag Says:

    Considering I’m about to buy an Ibanez (a heavy-metal electric guitar) and the fact that my band plays The Trooper and other metal songs, I should not diss Heavy Metal but in my opinion, the problem with it is that after some time it begins to sound like noise, and jarrs your senses till you’re crying out for some melody. The iconic metal songs, specifically the riff-based ones like Trooper are of course fantastic, but after hearing say 5 Iron Maiden songs one after another, the monotony begins to get to you. I agree about the lyrics and the theme of course.

    Also, I don’t think you’ve given credit where it’s due, when it comes to the creation of a landmark sound in rock history. If you really want to go back to where metal began, you have to look at the Gods. The real Immortals who began it all. I’m talking about the likes of Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple, the people who, as it were, invented the whole genre. Of course you can’t say it *began* with them, because music evolves and does not grow from a starting point, and you can always trace metal further back to early hard rock, but you get my point.

    Seriously, if you want to blow your mind, trip on Zeppelin. Nothing comes close. Jimmy Page was the greatest riff-maker of all time and one of the greatest guitarists. The rest of the band kicks ass too of course. The lyrics are fucking brilliant and specially towards the latter days, each song becomes like an epic, with it’s own individual flavour and taste. They are the real Gods of Metal.

    Amen. Sorry for the preaching, just had to have my say when it comes to music.

  6. neelakantankk Says:

    Yes Led Zep and Deep Purple did *start* the genre, But Their music can’t really be called Heavy Metal, can it? And after five Led Zep songs also, you can feel monotonous. I haven’t felt monotonous while listening to Iron Maiden, but I have felt monotonous while listening to Led Zep.

    But That’s my opinion. And it’s different from your opinion. That’s all.

    I’m just not really fond of Led Zeppelin. Not my tastes.

    And Ahem, Heavy Metal has never felt like noise to me. Not even Metallica’s or Megadeth’s music sound like noise.

  7. Prayag Says:

    What can I say? Taste.

    But Led Zeppelin, in it’s latter days was *renowned* for producing songs as different from one another as the Sahara and the Arctic Circle. You obviously have not heard the right songs.

    Nevermind.. this kind of pointless debate can go on forever πŸ˜›

  8. neelakantankk Says:

    I shall refrain from pointing out that Iron Maiden has been producing songs like this since they first formed.

    Oh well, Tastes differ. πŸ˜›

  9. maitreyadutta Says:

    :X How dare thy call Zep monotonous ? Zep rocks ! Led Zeppelin in the undisputed king of Heavy Metal. Led Zeppelin has been placed in the list of 50 greatest immortals by Rolling Stones at number 14. Check this for more details :


    Huh ! What have you to say now ? Robert Plant is the Zeus of Hard Metal.

    Even though I have not started with Iron Maiden…I can’t stand the fact that you are calling the GREAT band lame….Have some respect man…

    (I have downloaded the entire discography of Iron Maiden…I shall comment on their music shortly)

  10. maitreyadutta Says:

    p.s. :- Iron Maiden is not even there in the list. πŸ˜€

  11. maitreyadutta Says:

    @ Prayag

    Jimi Hendrix was the Greatest Guitarist of all time….not Jimmy Page…. :p

  12. neelakantankk Says:

    I shall refrain from flaming you horrendously by assuming that you have finally lost your marbles.

    I am now in flaming mood.

    Let me start off by saying that since you’ve never heard Iron Maiden then Why the bloody fuck are you commenting?

    Again, How long have you been listening to Music?(and I do not mean Himesh Reshamiya when I mean Music)

    Thirdly I find Led Zep monotonous. That’s my opinion. If you don’t like it then Shut The Fuck Up

    And Jimmy Page was In my opinion better than Hendrix.

    And you’re basing your likes and dislikes on that Rolling Stones list? Did you even read it fully?

    I shall end this beautiful post by saying “Fuck You”.

    BTW There is no such thing as “Hard Metal” so basically according to your half-ass logic, Robert Plant is the Zeus of something that does not exist. Enjoy your sad life.

  13. Kaustav Says:


    U can save the song while u stream it. Use audacity and choose the recording input to LINE IN. Then listen to the song and save whateva u listen… I guess u must’ve already tried it…

    Maitreya likes Led Zep coz Aurko Roy told him about em πŸ™‚ YEah… IM’s really good… I’m not blessed with a BB connection but I fortunately got my hands on some of IMs songs… Neelu, burn ur collections on a DVD. I’m comming πŸ™‚

  14. maitreyadutta Says:

    @Kaustav & Neelu…

    Hard metal is a alias for Heavy Metal…

    Check this out…


    Well…I agree to the fact that I am a bit new to this field … but yes… I have heard more music in this period than you have done in your life ! Presently I am having 60 GB of music…and yes…none of them are Indian music and I am pretty confident that I have a good taste for music which is not influenced by Rolling Stones. Rolling stones is just a guide for me. I am pretty sure…you were not born with a taste for music…the taste has to be cultivated…it took you a long time for you to cultivate your taste…on the contrary it took me only about two years to develop it…see thats the difference between us…

    As far as my knowledge goes The Rolling Stones has a far better knowledge of music than both of us do man…come on…don’t even try to think you are better than them. Just to make sure check this one out too….


    And yes..I have full faith in my choice and I am bloody confident on it. I have almost finished with Maiden … but I’ll still stick to Zep. My choice should be enough to satisfy me…because I believe in myself and don’t give a damm of public opinion about me.

    I won’t pollute your blog with filthy comments like the ones you did about me…becuase then there would be no difference between us.

    And yes, Kaustav…it was Arko da who first introduced me to the beauty of Zep…but none can influence my personal choice I am very much thankfull to him for that. If I were to make a choice between Zep and Maiden….I would still go for Zep. It is my personal choice not his. And yes…Arko da is a league of his own…you are nowhere near him…just have some respect for him You suck !

    Now moving on to my taste…
    I have foung a striking difference between Led Zeppelin and Iron Maiden.I won’t deny that Iron Maiden is good. But I shall refrain from commenting it here. Just keep an eye on my blog…the next post (which will be comming on 8th Jan)…will be on Zep vs Maiden.

    Till then adios suckers !

  15. neelakantankk Says:

    This is fun. I haven’t had such fun in a long time.

    Hard Metal is not an alias for heavy metal. That is just a redirect added because dumb people(read you) think it is and try to find it.

    And Ahem, You have heard more music than me??? Dude, I have cassettes from 1980s (inherited ones) I’ve heard more types of music than you could have.

    It took you two years to cultivate it and it took us a long time??? Umm you do realize that Our tastes did not mature at the same time. We’ve been listening to it for a long time and I don’t really remember when everything developed.

    I agree that’s the difference between us. You’re Dumb, We’re not.

    When did I say that I’m better than Rolling stones? I asked if you read it fully. Since you are asking this question, You didn’t even read my comment properly. πŸ™„

    You’ve almost finished with Maiden? What is this? Some kind of fruit drink?

    I fully agree that it’s your choice. You have every right to your opinion. But IM is my choice and I would expect you to respect that. Since you obviously don’t, You get abused.


    First you say that You shall refrain from abuses. Then you say Kaustav Sucks. Be consistent man.

  16. Maitreya Dutta Says:

    So you say that you are intelligent ? eh ? Those are the words I expect the most dumb person in the world to say…you yourself have proved that you are an imbecile. As for Rolling Stones…yes I do read it…I have an unlimited connection…so I can get anything I want..As for the collection…I have songs right from 1950s or should I say late 40’s(from Elvis…Hound Dog probably) … I have the discographies of almost all the songs of all the bands you have even known…more precisely much more than that.I think you didn’t see the size of my music collection…it is 60 GB (I think you remember the memory units still) Did I say discography? Do you know what discography means ? Otherwise you wouldn’t have made such ignorant comments..

    As for the abuses…do you really think that saying that both of you (Kaustav and you are suckers) is abuse…it is just a demonstration of the words I could have used against you if I wanted to. But fortunately for both of us…I come from a good family which has taught me to behave in public…so I just let you go. I don’t waste time in sleeping 12 hrs like you and talking utter rubbish on my blog…I have more important things to do. It is just that I cannot stand the fact that some lazy, ignorant, easy-going ,imbecile like can talk trash about someone of my stature.

    Imposing your choice on others is no means to establish that your choice is better. So I have a better option…just write a post on why you like Maiden more than Zep…I shall write the opposite one…

    Then we can argue further…I have my exams from tommorow … so I shall not be able to reply to any of your comments until 28th…or more precisely 8th Jan…when my practical ends.

    Till…then adios…

  17. neelakantankk Says:

    Okay It’s time to end this. **Says this in very Superhero type voice**

    You’ve never read an issue of Rolling Stones in your entire life. You only heard of it because you were searching for a link to some comparison of Led Zep. Please, you forget whom you’re talking to.

    Also I think it would be hitting a bit below the belt to state that it was I who first showed you that such things like complete collections of artists could be whacked off the net. Your memory is getting weaker. Apparently worrying about your stature(wrong word to use by the way) has resulted in a decline in mental powers. And please two years ago you were listening to Hindi Music(Nothing against it, I like Hindi Music) but when you say and none of it is hindi music kinda pisses me off.

    Secondly, You’ve got Discographies of all the bands I’ve ever heard? and It’s about 60GB? Please list your complete music collection. In all it’s entirety. I can bet you that more than three quarters of the songs will be repeats of the one-fourth. Please do list all the bands you have. I’ll name a bunch that you won’t have.

    As far as Suckers being a demonstration of the words that you could have used, That’s about all you know. πŸ™„ Again you forget whom you’re talking to.

    Your stature, my friend, is comparable to a drunk prick. No wait, I won’t insult drunk pricks. And you are calling me an Ignorant Imbecile? Mea Culpa to Lazy and Easy-Going. I’m proud of those qualities but it’s funny when shitheads start talking bollocks.

    I never imposed my choice on anyone. You’re the bugger who butted in with your asinine comments. But please don’t butt out. I’m enjoying myself.

  18. Ron In Charlotte Says:

    “Almost finished with Maiden”? Sounds like you are trying to cultivate an image of yorself being a musical intellectual very quickly. Let me tell you I am in my 30’s and I have spent a lifetime banging ny had, having my dad burn my metal vinyl records on the grill because they were “Satanic”. I bought Seventh Son of a Seventh Son on tape and then had to tape it over a Christian tape so my dad wouldn’t find it. You don’t “finish” with a band like Maiden. Any true metal fan knows that people find a ban that shapes their youth and they are lifelong fans. And Maiden is one of the few life long true metal loves for metalheads. My kids love Maiden. Maiden is passed down to the next gen by true fans. They rarely if ever curse in their music. They are larger than life. Dickenson is cheesy, but he is Maiden. When I see him sing The Trooper, I melt every time. He is a goober for sure, but he rules. And anyone who has seen Zep and Maiden live will tell you who is a disappointment and who UNQUESTIONABLY delivers. Maiden is a life long passion, not a band you sample and evaluate in a year or two after finding a way to download some tracks from Limewire. I appreciate your passion as a young person for the real rock and roll, but if you want to evaluate metal I think Zep belongs more in the FLoyd category and with true metal you need to look at Sabbath, Judas Priest, Maiden, and Deep Purple, though I think Machine Head was clearly their best work. Deep Purple, to me was never that great, but very good. I love Zep but Maiden and Zep are just two different things, which is why the debate goes on. I will say as a whole over 25 years though, I believe Maiden edges Metallica because of the total body of work, excluding the period while Dickenson and Adrian were both gone. UP THE IRONS!!!

  19. Ron In Charlotte Says:

    Oh and Motorhead…I like their later stuff better. Definitely on the Ministry/Butthole Surfers tip…

  20. neelakantankk Says:

    @Ron, You speak true words.

    I agree with the fact that Zep and Maiden belong to different categories.

    And yes, Motorhead’s later years.

  21. Ron In Charlotte Says:

    ooooo can i post my entire metal/rock collection? I make no claims. I have all of my favs but a few, but I have paid for all of my music so it takes money to get it all. Thanks to itunes ofr having easy acces to harder to find music…

  22. neelakantankk Says:

    Go ahead. If it will fit. πŸ˜›

  23. Ron In Charlotte Says:

    it wil post tonight!

  24. neelakantankk Says:

    I wait with bated breath. πŸ˜€

  25. Maitreya Dutta Says:


    Firstly I agree with you Ron…they belong to two different categories. Now if you closely observe the last paragraph of my the 14th comment made on this topic…I said the same thing…but Neelu was adamant on inflicting abuse on me…

    When I said I had finished with Maiden…I meant to say that I have finished hearing the discography once…it will take me some time to really understand the beauty of the lyrics and the music that lies underneath.


    I never said that Maiden was bad…(refer to the 14th comment…last para)…

    And answer me once simple question….why are we fighting over this issue ? Lets enjoy our music. What I disliked about you was that you tried to inflict your choice upon me…I do like Maiden…it is just that I like Zep more (I like the music style of Zep more…)…and yes…we all have our own idiosyncrasies…

    I apologize if I have made any lewd comments about you (only) .
    (I don’t expect one from you though…you are too rude and have false pride in you to do so…)

    I would expect you to delete all the comments I have made on this topic.

    And yes…about my collection…I do not keep redundant songs in my collection…I delete them. Since I do not want to continue this discussion…I don’t feel the need to list it here. Someday if I have lots of spare time I’ll do so on my blog….

    I would expect you not to use any filthy words against me in future…just delete my comment if you don’t like my views…after all…you really don’t care about what I think…because according to you I am a dunderhead…and fools are always ignored.

    Anyways…just think about it…and try not to abuse me in future (abusing anybody doesn’t prove your superiority on others…neither is it a sign of smartness).

    I apologize once again.

  26. neelakantankk Says:

    When did I “inflict” my choice on you? You were the one who came in and started laying it on about Zep. My post was only about Maiden. I never brought in Zep or compared them to Maiden.

    You were the one with your “have some respect Man blah blah” comment. You could just have said “Personally I prefer Zep to Maiden” and I would have said “Yes, Your choice” . You did not. You very nicely tried to teach me “Respect for the great band” πŸ™„

    Let me summarize by saying that you started this. I merely continued it.

    And sorry, I don’t delete comments. If I don’t believe in their views I’ll just say “your views”

    If those comments try to teach me “respect” or somesuchthing I will fly off the handle.

    And No I will not delete any comments. This post will just stay here.

    All the best for your exams.

  27. Maitreya Dutta Says:

    You don’t get it … do you… I said that I prefer Zep’s stlyle to that of Maiden…

    I told Kausatv to have some respect for Arko da…he thinks himself to be someone above him…

    Thank You for the luck…but the problem is that my exams are almost at an end….

    Anyways…just don’t use the fuck so frequently at least for me…it is quite an in-decent gesture…

    No more quarelling…

    Now tell me one thing…why is the shape of a CD or DVD flat and laminar…even though the density becomes very less…I was thininking of a new concept for storage media….

  28. neelakantankk Says:

    okay, Let’s stop with all the “respect”. That’s his problem.

    As far as CDs and DVDs are concerned, The reasons I can think of are

    Greater Storage area
    It spins so that the laser can read it.

    Even the recording medium in Floppy drives is circular. I’ve opened floppies and checked. It’s circular.

    So I suppose that’s why.

  29. Maitreya Dutta Says:

    I am not telling that…I know that all storage media including hard-disk platters are basically laminar in shape…I am telling that the mass per unit area available for read is very less…I was thinking of a new concept … but I need some help from you to develop a 3D model in Blender for it…can you do it ? If I provide sketches of it ? I mean rough sketches….

  30. neelakantankk Says:

    Well, I could try. But my 2nd sem starts from 2nd Jan. SO I won’t be here. You could try it yourself or ask people in Blender forums. πŸ™‚

  31. maitreyadutta Says:

    I too have my sems(practical VIVA) next week…

    I’ll give you the concept soemtime in the beggining of February…

    Another good news….though something from the distant past…

    Our project ( The Text Editor) had being chosen as one of the best from the whole of India. A boy from the current batch told me…check my scrapbook for more details…

    Congo Mate !

  32. maitreyadutta Says:

    But the sad part is…neither will we get some certificate nor any prize for it…. 😦

    But who cares for what we did in the past…just nice to hear that our hardwork really paid off…. πŸ˜€

  33. Kaustav Says:

    yo ho ho ? I suck ?? Why’s that ? Haha… Typical Maitreya comment πŸ™‚ NEway, storage media are laminar as they have to be symmetrical when spun. Simplicity πŸ™‚

    @ Neelu, I started playin C-S on LAN and it rocks big time… tried it ? Do it if you get the chance πŸ˜‰ I might post a blog post sometime soon. What’s your cell ph no. BTW ? get mine from my Orkut profile.

    Anyway~ this Music war was quite entertaining….. Thanks Maitreya, you’re a born entertainer.

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