HP 7

Nope, I ain’t going to reveal the plot, or going to give annoying spoilers. I ain’t even going to hint. All I’m gonna say is “Rowling seems to have forgotten that she was writing a book, intended mainly for children.” She deals out death and mutilation with a generous hand. The language is a bit unrestrained at times. And sometimes it reads like an M&B novel.

But the book is enjoyable. Make no mistake. I think this book is by far the best. The tone, plot,settings, characters are all marvellously written. After the unadulterated crap that was HP5 and the piffle that was HP6, HP7 comes as a delightful, if slightly sombre, read. Buy It, Read it, then Read it again.

PS: See, no spoilers,no plot revelations, no annoying thingies. 🙂

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