I’ve lost touch with most of my school friends. I have their numbers. Many of them live in Calcutta. Whenever I meet them, I make the same promise to keep in touch.

I just have to call them.

But it’s too much of an effort to make.

Oh Well.

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Music and Myself.

Saturday I came home.

Today was Monday.

For past two days, I’ve been listening to music and watching TV.

It’s now that I appreciate my PMP. It is really great.

And also VH1.

VH1 has a couple of great programmes now. There’s one called Sunday Brunch on Sunday from 11:00 AM. It features a different artist every week. So far they’ve had Sting, Steven Tyler, Jim Morrison, Freddie Mercury, Bruce Springsteen and Michael Jackson. This Sunday it’s gonna be Madonna so I’m happy to miss it. They talk about the artist, to the artist and show concerts and videos. Quite cool

They’re having a series called “Gods of Guitar” this month. They talk about great guitarists and play videos and concerts. They’ve had David Gilmour, Pink Floyd, John mayer and Eric Clapton. The Pink Floyd episode was cool because they showed a documentary on the making of The Dark Side of the Moon. They showed how they used synthesizers, multi-tracking, adt, flanging and other sound effects on it. I wish Big Al had set that in our course instead of Quadrophenia.

Quadrophenia is good, no denying that but still, The Dark Side of the Moon was released in March 1973 and Quadrophenia in October 1973. The Dark Side of the Moon was recorded at Abbey Road Studios just like Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. The Dark Side of the Moon would have been perfect to show the progression of sonic experimentation that he showed us with The Beatles. The lyrics of both are cool, but The Dark Side of the Moon is a shade better in my opinion.

This week they’re going to show Jimi Hendrix, Deep Purple, Mark Knopfler and someone else whose name I forget. The whole of this week, I think plus Saturday the whole show.

CNN has a show on Iron Maiden on Saturday at 2:00 PM, I think.Check your local listings. It’s called Behind the scenes with Iron Maiden and features backstage footage, concert videos and interviews.

Nat Geo’s Air Crash Investigations are great. The way they examine everything is so professional.

Animal Planet still rocks and so does Discovery.

The History Channel has this cool series called Biography. Today they showed Al Gore. Their Jumbo Movies are also nice.

Meow FM(104.08 FM) may call itself “India’s first just-for-women radio station” but Friday to Tuesday, after 10:00 PM they play cool english songs. Friday they play Old Classics, Saturday Hip-Hop Monday Soft rock and Tuesday Pop. Sunday, they play listener requests. Friday nights they also have a band playing unplugged. One of these played a song by Susheela Raman. Nice songs. A little bird(which is big and bald) informs me that her albums are there on rapidshare and other such sites. I did not tell you anything about where to get them, understand?

Coldplay released their latest single “Violet Hill” from their new album Vida la Vida or Death and All His Friends for free. It was free till May 6th. I have the song. I’ll pass it on, if you want it.

I have to read the Iliad, The Orestia, Book Six of the Aenid, A bunch of Horace’s Odes and two books(Genesis and The Gospel of St.Matthew) and a chapter(Chapter 5 of the Book of Daniel) from The Bible. I’m leaving out The Aenid.

I wonder if I would get marks if I handed in a CD with Manowar’s song Achilles,Agony and Ecstasy in Eight Parts, Blind Guardian’s song And then there was Silence and Led Zeppelin’s song Achilles’ Last Stand. Probably not. BTW, listen to the songs. Quite cool, if you like that sort of thing.

Also managed to find a video of Avial’s Nada Nada

That’s all for now. Chow

Update: Google search informs me that this week, the fourth is Led Zeppelin. Hendrix and Led Zep are going to be Video Shuffle shows. Knopfler and Deep Purple are gonna be Concerts(A Night in London – Knopler, Live in California ’74 – Deep Purple). Saturday 11:00 AM onwards.

If you were a song…

That’s one of VH1’s ads. I really love it.

I wonder what song I would be?

I suppose that would change according to my mood. But still…

Any suggestions?

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Aargh…Riff stuck in head.

The riff is stuck in my head.

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God knows…

I need a new nose.

For the past couple of days my routine has been.

Step 1:: Sneeze.
Step 2:: Wipe Nose.
Step 3:: Curse.

Repeat from top.

And now I’m irritated. I’m also bored. I have to study. I also have to collect my exam roll no. Damn It.

Countdown tag.

Have been tagged by The Soliloquist and threatened with physical violence…

Ten things you wish you could say to people right now (don’t take names):

  • Could you tell me when you’ll be ready?
  • You hate too many people.
  • I know.
  • Here comes the sun, it’s for everyone.
  • Lay off for a bit.
  • Leave the dog alone.
  • Fuck off.
  • I have torn shoes. Big Fucking Deal.
  • *Wink*
  • You ain’t seen nothing yet.

Nine things about yourself:

  • I can eat quite a bit.
  • I do not return missed calls.
  • I seem to always have a blocked nose.
  • I think the Bible is funny.
  • I wash my clothes myself.
  • I do not exist.
  • I am a figment of your imagination.
  • I did not write this post.
  • I refuse to speak without my lawyer.

Eight ways to win your heart:
Heart? What heart?

Seven things that cross your mind a lot:

  • Why am I doing this?
  • Why am I not doing this?
  • Why can’t I do this?
  • Why am I not surprised?
  • Why do not-so-good things always happen to me?
  • Hey, Look at the cool lizard.
  • Wow, the ceiling is white.

Six things you wish you never did:
You expect me to tell you???

Five turn-offs:
Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah.

Four turn-ons:
I refuse to tell you

Three things you want to do before you die:

  • Mindfuck the Indian bureaucracy.
  • Go about distributing fake notes.
  • Rob a casino.

Two smileys that describe you:

  • πŸ˜›
  • *evillaugh*

One confession:
I need new shoes. 😦

If you want to do this, go ahead.

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Whee, Look at all the pretty shades.

Okay, My monitor is officially screwed. It is displaying everything in various shades of blue,green and yellow. I am assuming that the color tube has conked. Well, it’s an old monitor. And it does look kinda cool.

In other news, I have to submit a term paper by Tuesday. Which means I must finish it by tomorrow morning.

I also have a CCB test on monday, a PoCo presentation on either monday or tuesday and an L&OA test on tuesday.

PG II farewell on the 12th. Must arrange stuff for that also.

Tsk Tsk Tsk.

Life is Good.

Update:: Have finished Term Paper. Must Print it out.
Update II :: Monitor has been replaced by a temp. Bright colours, I missed you.

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I miss Blender.

I was going through my blog archives and I realized it’s been a long time since I did 3d Modelling. 😦

I miss doing serious stuff with Blender. I must get back to it. Also Raytracing. Also GIMP. Also Terragen. Also Python. Also Assembler. Also C.

Shit. 😦

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I am back.

Bangalore was immensely fun. People who missed out, I pity you. There shall be next year. But let’s start from the first.

29th:: Get on Coromandel. Sandeepda and Panu fellow travellers. Bugged by pesky beggars at Kharagpur station. Hijra christens Panu Ei Madhuri. Call her that for rest of the day. Take random pics and vids.

30th:: Reach Chennai at 1800 hrs. Go to Spencer Plaza. Buy Che Tee. Freak foreigners out with Nazi salute in front of Spencer. Get on Bangalore Mail. Go to sleep.

31st:: Woken up by TTE poking me in foot. Says we’ve reached Bangalore. Compartment deserted. Wake up others and jump off train. Head off to IIM. Wake up Harish(who seems to be the Mahadyuti figure of IIM). First get alloted a temp room. Take random pics and vids. Alloted a room in the evening.Go out in the Evening. Go to Hotel Imperial and polish off a whole grilled Chicken each. (Yes, salivate bitches Mwahaha). Go to Zero G. Go back to IIM. Make fun of Harish.(not to his face of course)

1st:: Shifted to different room. Kaichu shows up. Pissed off with Panu for giving wrong directions. Calm her down. Stay in Campus. Watch AmRock till 0430 hrs. Too many death metal bands. Go to sleep. Wake up at 0630 hrs and hear prize winners.

2nd:: Wake at 1200 hrs. Sen and Arnaab show up. Head out in evening to Corner house. Eat Ice Cream. Head back at 1800 hrs. Hear a bit of Zero and Motherjane. Not too good. Meet some old friend of Sandeepda. Stay up till 0500 hrs. First crappy Karaoke night. Then okay DJ night. Missed Harish doing Johnny Bravo dance.

3rd:: Wake at 1000 hrs. Listen to A Capella bands. Very good. Especially Acoustic Chutney from Christ College, Madras. Watch Kannada play called Jugari Cross. Understood random words. Stay up till 0430-0500 hrs.

4th:: Wake at 1100 hrs. Go out to Commercial street. Spend day there. Have lunch at Koshy’s. Spend evening walking around. Eat Ice Cream at corner house. Eat dinner at Miller’s 46. Best beef steaks in the world. Eat whole beef steak.

5th:: Wake. Leave. dump luggage at Sandeepda’s uncle’s place on Brigade road. Go to Imperial. Eat lunch. Go to Sandeepda’s friend’s place. Go to Cantonment. Catch train to Coimbatore.

6th:: Reach at 0600 hrs. Bargain with taxi driver in tamil. Catch a taxi to Mettupalayam at 0615 hrs. Catch toy train to Coonor at 0710 hrs. Beautiful ride. (Again, those who missed it…Suckers Mwahaha). Check into hotel rooms. Beautiful view of tea gardens. Drink coffee sitting in balcony. Sen frightened by Monkey. Go out for walk. See Sandeepda’s cottage. Lunch at Kurunji. Back, watch TV. Sleep.

7th:: Wake up. Decide to go for walk. Decide to go to Ooty by bus and come down by train. Go to Sandeepda’s cottage. Meet Molly Elliot, the caretaker, and her five dogs. Act as interpreter. Visit Sim’s park for free, thanks to Molly. Scrap Ooty plan. Decide to go to local sights. Get mistaken for foreigners. Freak out person who was mistaken by telling him in tamil that we are Indians. Make up Molly rap.

8th:: Wake up. Walk around Coonor. Visit Sandeepda’s aunt. Very beautiful house. Scrap Ooty plan. Catch train to Mettupalayam. Catch train to Chennai.

9th:: Wake up at 0400 hrs. Get to Chennai at 0530 hrs. Dump luggage at cloak room. Go off. Come back. Get on Coromandel. Very bad seats. Spend whole day sleeping

10th:: Wake up. Spend time. Get off at Howrah at 1330 hrs. Hitch a ride with Sen to Esplanade. Catch bus to Durgapur. Will be back in Cal on 12th Evening.

For details on Coonor trip, please contact Me.

Stupid Rain.

Does not let clothes dry. Damn. Leaving for IIM Bangalore on 29th. Back on 10th. Durgapur is cold.
Still not written anything in long time. Rhetoric and Composition assignment Very funny.

I saw a Mongoose in JU on wednesday.

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